Canadian 16-year-old rising rap star, REZZI, who has been tapped as the next coming of popular rapper Drake, who also calls Toronto home, has a secret weapon by his side… his 6-year-old dog Minina!

Prior to performing in front of thousands over the course of the past year since his songs hit the iTunes charts, Rezzi would always give Minina (a shihpoo) a belly rub for good luck.

And it’s no wonder this little pup is bringing Rezzi the attention he has been getting. Minina, which stands for “my little girl”, got her name because back in Rezzi’s dad’s home country of Ecuador, his aunt had a dog named Minina. One day Rezzi’s aunt was in the backyard and someone came by and dropped a piece of meat that was embedded with poison, causing her little dog to die. Rezzi, hearing this tragic tale, named his dog in the memory, and believes the late Minina’s soul is closely watching over both him and the new Minina.

The power of love never dies!

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