With the passing of Leonard Nimoy, the world has lost a great actor, and a great animal lover as well. Nimoy is well-known for his Star Trek role as Spock, but some people also knew him as a pet shop owner. Leonard Nimoy’s Pet Pad opened in 1969 in San Fernando Valley.

Why a pet shop? “Well, l’ve aIways had a thing for animals and I once worked in one to support myself between roles,” Nimoy explains. “And I like the kind of people that shop in pet stores. Our own menagerie at home consists of a dog, a cat, a tortoise, hamster, two rabbits and a tank full of fish.”

Nimoy’s love of pets was one of the ways he identified with his character, Spock. Just check out the clip below. Nimoy may have been playing an alien in this clip, but Spock’s words were true to his real-life self.

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