24 Going gluten free is as easy as 1-2-3! – Does he have an intolerance to this common ingredient?

30 Match making – How to find the right dog or cat for you

40 Frisbie aficionado – Teach him to play in 4 easy steps

42 Is something fishy? – The facts on feeding raw salmon

44 Hair of the dog (and cat) – What kind of coat does your companion have?

54 Is your cat a biter? – Learning to understand your feline friend can help prevent injury

58 Getting a move on mange – There’s help for this nasty skin problem

62 Toxic alert! – How to protect his health

67 Kitty zits – Cats can get acne too!

69 Head games – What you need to know about head collars

81 Canine spa treatment – Keep her looking – and smelling – her best!

86 Pest repellents that make “scents” – Get the better of bugs with aromatherapy

90 Guard your garden – All-natural nematodes fight fleas outdoors

92 Fido not up to scratch? – Acupressure can help nix that itch

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