Pet Beds

Debra Holte felt helpless when she saw how much
pain her elderly arthritic cat was in, so she set out
to find some solutions that would help him feel more
comfortable. “That’s when I came across memory foam,”
she says. “It’s the only material known to man that
completely eliminates all painful pressure points. That is
huge for an arthritic animal.

“When an animal is sleeping or resting on a ‘regular’ bed,
the pressure points restrict the flow of blood through a
joint,” Debra explains. “Blood lubricates the joint, just
like oil in a car. That’s why when an animal gets up from
sleeping on a bed that creates pressure points, he’s often
stiff until he gets moving and the blood begins to flow

Using memory foam, Debra designed an orthopedic bed
that would help her cat, as well as other animals suffering
from joint problems and related issues. At first, she found
that using memory foam alone meant the animal would
sink into the bed until he reached the floor, thereby
creating pressure points. Gluing the memory foam to
a layer of supporting foam eliminated this problem.
“Finally, I wanted to protect the porous memory foam
from possible accidents,” Debra adds. “That’s how I got
the idea to create a waterproof liner to enclose the foam,
and then put an outer washable cover on the bed.”

Debra was so pleased with her unique bed design that she
patented it. In 2004, she founded Buddy Beds so she could
help other animals in need of an extra comfortable place
to rest and sleep. “Prior to this I was an investment banker
and money manager. You can imagine everyone’s chagrin
when I quit to ‘sell dog beds’!”

Based in Denver, Colorado, her company today offers a
whole line of memory foam pet beds in a variety of sizes
and styles, including a comfy bolster bed. Buddy Beds
also makes memory foam crate pads, travel beds, and
accessories such as extra bed covers, waterproof liners
and even bed warmers for the ultimate in comfort. “We
are always working to develop new covers in a myriad
of colors and fabrics,” adds Debra. “Something to fit
everyone’s taste, lifestyle and decor. For those who love
to take their dogs along in the car, we also offer plush
travel blankets.”

Debra has always loved animals, so Buddy Beds is a “true
labor of love” for her. In her spare time, she also serves on
the Denver Humane Society’s Board of Directors. “Buddy
Beds donates both money and a considerable quantity
of our products to needy dogs,” she says. “Our animal
companions give us so much with their unconditional
love, so my goal is to give them the utmost and highest
quality of life possible. Do what you love…and love what
you do.”

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