A Ready-Made Raw Diet For Your Dog

easy raw diet

You know the benefits of a raw diet, but may not relish the idea of preparing it from scratch. Lucy Postins understands. It’s what she found when she was looking for a better food for Mosi, her Rhodesian ridgeback puppy.

“I started off doing a homemade diet which was very messy and time consuming, and so began to think of ways to create a food that would be simple and easy to serve, like kibble, but minimally processed and more natural, like raw,” Lucy explains. The answer was dehydrated raw food. The process involves gently dehydrating fresh, raw ingredients so that almost all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain. The result is a safe, highly nutritious and easy-to-feed diet.

Mosi was soon consuming dehydrated raw food full time. It made life easier for Lucy, and her pup was thriving. Pleased with the results, Lucy started offering the diet to other local dogs, and in 2002 founded her own pet food company, The Honest Kitchen.

Today, the company offers a variety of dehydrated raw foods for dogs and cats. “All our grains are certified organic, and our meats are free of hormones and antibiotics. Our fruits and vegetables are guaranteed non-GMO, and our quinoa is certified fair-trade.” Many of their fruits and vegetables are also organic, and the ultimate aim is to transition to all organic meats as well.

Lucy and her staff give quality top priority, and even taste test finished products themselves. “We provide natural human-grade pet food products that promote nutritional awareness, environmental responsibility, and a sustainable community. We aim to create a stir and provoke change – in individual animals and the pet industry as a whole. That means making products that generate a positive change in the health of companion animals, and within the pet food industry – raising the bar in terms of quality, transparency and integrity, and causing other manufacturers to look at what they’re producing and think about how they could make better quality, healthier products, too.”

Another important part of the business is ‘Pawlanthropy’, the company’s program for charitable giving. “We donate a portion of our profits to a selection of animal welfare, humanitarian and environmental charities and also donate products to a variety of shelters and rescue organizations whenever we can.”

Lucy and her staff are true animal lovers – more than half a dozen dogs join them at the office every day – so it’s not surprising they take so much pride in what they do.

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