adopt a senior dog month

Are you ready to add a new furry member to your family? In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, here’s a few reasons to consider adopting a senior dog!

1. They’re wise

A bit older and wiser is a good thing. Most senior dogs are already house trained and know basic commands when you adopt them – but they’re also willing to learn! Busting the myth that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, they will amaze you with their focus and eagerness to please.

2. They’re calm

A senior dog is ideal for a home with small children, other pets, or families with busy lifestyles. Because they have less energy to burn, older dogs tend to be more tolerant, more independent, and less likely to cause trouble.

3. They’re adaptable

Senior dogs are much more adaptable to new environments than you might think. Set a routine for meals, exercise and sleep that fits your schedule and your senior pooch will thrive. When you do switch things up, ease into the change gradually – as you would for any dog – to ensure a smooth transition.

4. They’re loveable

Don’t let their age fool you – many senior dogs are just as cuddly as puppies. Whether they’re snuggled up with you on the couch, sitting by your side as you cook or laying at the foot of your bed, being with you is their favorite thing to do. Their deep soulful eyes reflect the love they receive, so be sure to give them plenty of affection in return!

5. They’re predictable

Typically, there are less surprises with senior dogs.  When you adopt an older dog, you not only know their full size, but will potentially receive a medical and behavioural history from the rescue or shelter. Older dogs are also less likely to go through behavioral “phases” that puppies do, making them easier to keep.

6. They’re available

Ready when you are! Shelters and rescues always have senior dogs. While younger dogs get adopted quickly, breeds over the age of seven are often overlooked due to their shorter life expectancy. Unfortunately, these seniors are often the first to be euthanized, because shelters know that they’re less likely to get adopted.

But a senior dog adopted into a healthy environment and provided with high-quality care can live for many happy years. So why not save his life, and make his golden years his best years?


Laura Ducharme, owner of, is dedicated to educating pet parents about the health of senior dogs. Before DOGsAGE was born, she hosted the TV show Fido & Wine on The Pet Network. Today, her passion for helping senior dogs feel their best lives on through DOGsAge — an online retail store specializing in health and wellness products for older dogs. Her ten-year-old Newfoundland, Sadie, is her daily inspiration.