Adopt, Shop, and Save Lives with Found Animals!

Found Animals’ Adopt & Shop, a community of integrated adoption and retail centers, complimented by online retail and education tools, is inviting people to gather around “The Waterbowl” with the launch of, a progressive online platform that unites e-commerce and philanthropy in support of happy, healthy pets. This destination for pet owners offers quality and unique pet products, provides educational resources, and supports Found Animals‘ mission of charitable giving by donating its proceeds to a different shelter every month.

“We hope to get tongues and tails wagging with the launch of by being the go-to resource for pet owners while supporting shelters nationwide in their efforts to keep pets safe, happy and healthy,” said Aimee Gilbreath, Found Animals Executive Director. “By recommending quality and unique products and educational articles, we can help families address those issues affecting their pets before they become a problem, thereby lowering the chance that those dogs and cats will be surrendered at the local shelter.”

Some of the key qualities of Found Animals include:

  • Tail Wagging Criteria: The e-commerce site features a distinct selection of unique pet products that meet Found Animals‘ ‘tail wagging criteria.’ Products are hand-picked through an extensive selection process, and have been chosen based on in-depth assessments of product integrity, longevity and environmental impact. These high standards ensure that pet owners are exposed to only the best available products.
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    Shelter of the Month: Continuing Adopt & Shop’s philanthropic mission, a percentage of monthly sales made on are donated to the Shelter of the Month. Pet owners or animal care professionals can nominate a shelter to receive a donation. To nominate an organization for the Shelter of the Month program, please visit:

  • Pet Owner Resources: The Waterbowl, the blog for the Adopt & Shop brand, offers over 200 useful articles to help families overcome the everyday challenges facing their pets. Curated by Found Animals staff, the blog covers topics like housebreaking, health and wellness, nutrition, and dog and cat behaviour.
  • Total Pet Care: Dedicated to providing a full complement of resources to pet owners to ensure their dogs and cats live happy and healthy lives, connects families with pet identification and pet insurance. Effective pet identification is essential to reuniting lost pets with their families, while pet insurance can assist families in covering the high cost of veterinary care.


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