Advice on Re-homing your Pet


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Do you need to re-home your pet or a pet you have found? We’d like to take a few minutes to introduce you to! Our website was created to help, encourage, and empower people to re-home a pet responsibly. The mission of our website is to prevent pets from ending up, through no fault of their own, in a situation where they might be abused, neglected, or placed in a kill-shelter, where chances are very high they would be euthanized.

In the challenging economic times we’re facing, many families are now being forced to make the difficult decision to re-home one or more pets because they just can’t afford to care for them any longer. Or perhaps a family member has developed allergies to the pet, or maybe a job change is preventing a family from taking their pet with them. And for Good Samaritans, the exploding homeless pet population has made re-homing all too common a scenario. If you have found a homeless pet, you may be wondering how to find him/her a loving forever home.

Before you decide that re-homing your pet is the only option you have, take a look at our website, We provide you with an Ask-A-Vet/Ask-A-Trainer page, which may help you if your need to re-home is based on a particular medical or behavioral problem your pet is having. It’s possible that a vet or a trainer can answer your question and help you deal with the issue, so that your pet can continue to share your home.

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We know that it can be emotionally difficult to give up a pet, so whatever the reason for re-homing a pet, we’re here to give you some helpful tips. No one knows your pet better than you do, so take a moment to think about what kind of home and family your pet would be most happy with before you begin your search. On our website, you can find sample forms that will help you with questions to ask a potential adopter, as well as all the things you should have in writing when you are adopting your pet to a new family. And to help you reach more prospective adopters, also offers an Adoptable Pets page, where your pet’s photo and information can be posted.

You’ll want to begin the re-homing process by seeking the help of a reputable local rescue group. If a rescue group agrees to help you, ask them for a veterinary reference, and call the vet to make certain that the group is reputable. If no rescue group is able to help, then you’ll need to re-home your pet yourself. Remember, your pet is counting on you to provide him/her with the best home possible…whether that is with you or with someone else. Re-homing on your own allows you the comfort of knowing where your pet will be for the rest of his/her life – as opposed to taking him/her to a shelter and not knowing the outcome.

There are basically three steps needed to re-homing your pet yourself:

The first step is to advertise your pet. Take good photos and create a flyer, providing accurate information. To learn more about how to advertise your pet — including how to get him posted on our website — please click

The second step is to carefully screen inquirers by providing them with an application to fill out (a sample application is available on the website) and by asking for and then checking the references they provide. Be sure to disclose any behavioral or health problems, so you can determine whether or not the applicant is up to taking on any issues your pet has. To learn more about this part of the process, click on

The third step is to set up a “meet and greet,” when you and your pet can meet the prospective adopter and you can decide whether the person or family is a “match” for your pet. If you feel this is the right person to adopt your pet, you may want to have them fill out an adoption contract, which you can download from the website. To learn more about this step of the re-homing process click on has additional information and many more helpful tips! Please visit our website and take the time to learn about re-homing responsibly. Your pet will thank you!

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