All-Natural Pro-Biotics For Your Dog

Anyone who’s into holistic health knows the importance of probiotics. These beneicial bacteria are vital to a properly functioning digestive system and overall well being. One company that really understands probiotics is Cycles of Life, owned and operated by Dr. Jay Dhawan and his son Neil. “Our focus is solely on promoting and offering probiotic products to advance wellness,” says Neil. “Our mission is to educate people with accurate information, not just marketing hype, and to provide safe, effective, quality products.”

When the company started in 1994, it specialized in probiotics for people. “As for introducing a product for animals, I owe a debt of gratitude to our customer, Liz Collins, who wrote a letter to a journal praising our Genelora Capsules for relieving her spaniel’s chronic yeasty ear problem,” Neil explains. “Other customers started ordering the capsules for their animals too, and were very happy with the results. Then we started getting calls from people who wanted the product in a powder as they were tired of having to open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on their animals’ food. So in 2005, after about ten months of research and development, Genelora for Pets was introduced to the market. I love animals, so when the opportunity to be part of the animal market presented itself I welcomed it with open arms.”

Several of the company’s other products have also been applied to animals. “We have recently had great success using YeastBuster to treat various skin conditions in animals. And a few holistic veterinarians use our NuImmune product because of the extra ingredients they ind beneicial, like curcumin and aloe.”

All the products feature a unique strain of probiotic. “We use a naturally heat-resistant strain,” Neil explains. “When we started, almost every probiotic on the market required refrigeration – ours never did because of the naturallyoccurring, non-protein shell that surrounds the bacteria to protect it from elements that kill the ‘average’ bacteria, such as heat, light, oxygen and especially stomach acids.”

Neil and his father believe strongly in their products, and donate a lot of them to animal shelters and rescues. “We understand the need for proper supplementation with an effective probiotic to help re-establish the health of these abandoned and abused animals.” They are also involved with veterinarian Dr. Margo Roman and her Dr. DoMore cause, a series of DVDs designed to bring alternative and integrative modalities into mainstream veterinary care.

“Ultimately, what I really love about what I do is the feeling I get when a customer calls, crying tears of joy, after our product has restored health in their animal or family member,” says Neil. “After being at their wit’s end, all but giving up hope and spending thousands of dollars on ineffective treatments – when their animal or other loved one has been restored to health – you just can’t put a price on that.”

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