An All Natural Dog Dental Treatment

dental health

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of your dog or cat”s overall well-being. One company has taken the all-natural approach to dental treatment.

When Lise Guerin took her dog Mercy to the vet for dental work back in 1992, she didn’t expect the visit would have a tragic outcome. “She was nine-and-ahalf years old and in excellent health,” Lise says. “I was assured there would be no problems and that it was the best thing to do for her. That turned out to be wrong. Mercy died after the procedure.”

When Lise broke the news to her friends and family, she discovered many had had similar experiences or knew someone who had. Then and there, she determined to ind another way to maintain the dental health of dogs and cats. “We wanted to give people a teeth cleaning alternative that works so their animals can live long, happy lives.“

After consultation and testing with professionals on different continents, we inally arrived at a combination of safe and effective herbs and created our product, Leba III,” Lise continues. “Next, we had to prove it. Dr. Herald Pook, the head of veterinary dentistry at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, designed a test protocol for double blind trials. These are trials with one group treated with Leba III and the other with a placebo. We had 100% results.”

By 1994, veterinarians all across Canada were buying Leba III to use in their practices. Soon, the product also moved into the U.S. and was being distributed to pet stores and sold directly to consumers as well.

Leba III is made from the herbs mint (Lamiaceae) and rose (Rosaceae) stabilized in 25% ethyl alcohol (human, food grade) and distilled water. The herbs are the active ingredients, changing the chemistry in the mouth, stimulating the enzymes and causing the tartar to soften and fall off. “It works with the saliva by stimulating the good lora,” Lise explains. “You hear a lot about probiotics now, because we know that to maintain health in a live system, you ight bad bacteria with good bacteria. When you use a product with an antiseptic, it kills both the good and bad bacteria and puts the chemistry in the mouth even more off balance. Leba III has a completely different action.”

Lise’s company, LebaLab Inc., is also involved in researching and testing other products and is working on going global. “There is a big demand for Leba III internationally.”

At the end of the day, it’s helping other animals and protecting them from what happened to Mercy that makes Lise love what she does. “We received an email recently from a customer in New York whose dog had terrible teeth and breath. She wrote, ‘It has been life changing as we now allow her to sit with us for hours instead of minutes! Thank you so much for making such an easy to use and effective product.’ We can live on that for a few weeks!

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