Did you know that in 2022, dogs are living a lot longer than they used to? According to, due to better health care and diet, dogs’ life expectancies have doubled in the last four decades. Which is great news for us because it means we get to spend a lot more time with our four-legged friends.

This also means that dogs today must deal with more health issues caused by aging as well as wear and tear like mobility problems. Common mobility problems in dogs are arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, cruciate ligament and muscle atrophy.

Mobility Issues in Active Dogs

Mobility problems aren’t only seen in senior dogs. Owners with active dogs need to take extra precautions when it comes to mobility issues as exercise can cause pain and inflammation in dogs’ hips and joints. After strenuous activity, it can be hard for a dog’s body to fully recover. Luckily, there are preventative measures that can be taken to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and it starts with the right diet.

Vetdiet® — An Innovative Mobility Formula

Vetdiet’s® Adult — Mobility dog food is specifically formulated to help mitigate post-exercise inflammation and promote recovery after exercise. This top-of-the-line dog food provides optimal protein and fat content for sustained energy, and is made with real meat as the first ingredient!

Vetdiet’s® Health and Nutrition Advisory Board, comprised of dedicated veterinarians and nutrition experts, conducted a research study on mobility. What they discovered is that their mobility formula effectively mitigated post-exercise inflammation, and helped maintain healthy mobility, using their secret active ingredient: N-butyric acid.

Other ingredients added to support healthy joints include glucosamine, chondroitin, New
Zealand green-lipped mussel and curcuma. Vetdiet® supports periods of physical activity that cause inflammation by using the healthiest ingredients backed by science.

This impactful blend of high-quality ingredients also gives dogs the benefit of a healthy skin and coat and also aids in optimal digestion.

Which dogs is this formula for?

Vetdiet’s® mobility targeted dog food is tailor-made to active dogs, naturally active dog breeds, working dogs, hunting dogs, canicross, agility, sled dogs and hiking.

What’s great about using Vetdiet’s® Mobility dog food is that you can choose to use it
intermittently. For example, if hunting season is starting up, start feeding your dog Vetdiet® Adult—Mobility to help your dog when they have to run several days in a row. This will help mitigate the inflammation caused by over-activity and get your dog feeling back to normal after a prolonged period of high intensity.

An Award-Winning Formula

The Global Animal Nutrition Summit at Guelph University recognized the ingenious Vetdiet® formula and intensive scientific research done by Vetdiet’s® Health and Nutrition Advisory Board by granting them the top prize in the category Novel Ingredient and Food Formulation.

Vetdiet® strives every day by ensuring the optimal health of dogs through natural premium ingredients, full transparency, innovative thinking and ideas, and a nutritional philosophy that is backed by our team of experts.

Get your dog on Vetdiet® which uses real science and real ingredients. So, you can help your dog walk, run, jump and live more comfortably through every stage of their life.


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