Top 10 apartment-friendly dogs

Looking for a dog that’s compatible with life in an apartment? Look no further!

All dogs are different, but there are some breeds — and their mixes — that are better suited for life in an apartment. Here’s a few that don’t mind living in close quarters.

1. Chihuahua

This little breed is loving and caring towards his family, canine and human, although he can be reserved with people he doesn’t know. He loves to be the center of attention, can be very curious, and may have a tendency to be on the nervous side. The Chihuahua likes to stay clean at all times. A minimum amount of exercise is needed; he’s happy as long as he has free run of the apartment. Extreme heat and cold should be avoided at all costs.

2. Pug

This breed’s deeply wrinkled face gave it its name, which means “clenched fist” in Latin. Cheerful and mischievous, the pug is known as the clown of the toy breed group. He does shed a lot and needs to be brushed twice a week. He can be a picky eater. He needs a little more exercise than the Chihuahua. If you live in a climate where it gets very hot, the pug’s respiration should be checked frequently to make sure it is normal.

3. Australian silky terrier

A cross between the Australian terrier and the Yorkshire terrier, this breed looks like a Yorkshire terrier but is slightly larger with a shorter coat that needs to be brushed daily and shampooed weekly. Patient with children, the Australian silky terrier is an ideal apartment dweller although he is more active than other toy breeds and needs to be exercised sufficiently on a lead or in a secure open area. Obedience training is essential.

4. Lhasa apso

A loving and playful dog with his family, he can be wary and aloof with strangers. He can be short-tempered so may not be the best choice in a home with children. This breed needs a considerable amount of brushing at least twice a week. He is quite active and requires a moderate amount of exercise either indoors or out.

5. Bishon frise

This dog is good with children and other animals and makes a wonderful, well-mannered companion. If carefully groomed, his coat will remain fluffy and elegant. He should be brushed daily. As for exercise, this breed is happy just playing indoors.

6. Tibetan spaniel

With his sweet, loving nature, this breed has found a favored place as a companion dog in many homes around the world. Cheerful, sociable, but aloof with strangers, this dog can be quite fearless and assertive despite his small size. He needs brushing two or three times a week. He’s very active so daily walking and running are necessary.

7. Japanese chin-chin

Big, protruding, wide-set eyes are the most charming characteristic of this breed. The long coat needs light brushing and special care to prevent matting, as well as regular shampooing. The chin likes to run and play, but really needs no outdoor activity as he exercises freely indoors.

8. Boston terrier

Easily cared for, this cheerful, intelligent and lively breed requires only a regular strong massage with a rough cloth, an occasional bath, and brief daily exercise. Boston terriers have a gentle, loving disposition that has given them a reputation as a first-class animal companion.

9. Shih tzu

This breed has an aristocratic air and is joyful and active. It is widely popular in Japan as a household companion. The shih tzu should be brushed and cleaned weekly and requires a minimum amount of exercise.

10. Kromfohlander

This breed originated in Germany in the 19th century. A sweet, intelligent, obedient dog with a moderately long coat, he fits into any environment and is well suited for small apartments. Easily cared for, he requires only a weekly brushing and a daily walk.