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fractured teeth

Dealing with cracked and fractured teeth in dogs

You might think your dog’s teeth are a lot stronger than yours, but cracked and fractured teeth in canines is not uncommon. Know what signs to watch out for, and how to prevent problems. Many people tend to take their dogs’ dental health for granted until a problem arises, such as cracked or fractured teeth. …

car restraints for your dog

Car restraints for dogs

Your dog should not travel loose in the car. High quality car restraints such as harnesses, crates and carriers help keep pets safe from harm in the event of an accident. Many dogs love riding in the car. Whether it’s a trip to the dog park, a favorite hiking trail, or a playdate with some …

functional medicine for your pet

Functional medicine for dogs

This approach to pet healthcare uses integrative medicine to get to the root cause of disease while focusing on the optimal functioning of the body and its organs. Functional medicine is a new term used to describe a unique approach to holistic healthcare for dogs (and other animals). It promotes wellness by getting to the …

how to select a dog training class

How to select a dog training class

Know what to ask and look for when choosing the right training class for you and your dog. Most of us recognize the importance of training as part of creating a safe and healthy environment for our dogs. Positive force-free training teaches dogs the skills they need to live successfully in the human world. It …

natural, indigenous dogs

Natural, indigenous dogs

What did dogs look like before they were domesticated and bred into the many different shapes and sizes we see today? Natural, aboriginal dogs still exist in some parts of the world – and they tend to have more robust health than many modern breeds. Perhaps no other animal displays as many diverse forms as …


Kennel cough

Vaccination doesn’t guarantee your dog won’t get kennel cough. Find out why, and how an integrative approach that includes Chinese herbs and homeopathy can combat this contagious respiratory disease.    Kennel cough is an extremely contagious respiratory disease in dogs. It’s named for the fact that it’s most commonly contracted in situations where large numbers …

how acupressure can help abandoned dogs

How acupressure can help abandoned dogs

A dog that has been abandoned often suffers from a host of physical, emotional and behavioral issues. Along with the proper veterinary care and lots of TLC, this simple acupressure session can help address his well-being on all levels. No one reading this article would be capable of abandoning a dog. But sadly, shelters, rescues, …

dog harnesses

Harnesses for dogs

Take a look at the “who, why, what and where” of dog harnesses, and how easy they are to use! Walking offers multiple benefits to you and your dog. It builds strong bones and joints, prevents obesity, pumps toxins out of the body, and even increases longevity. So why not invest in the best walking …

are seeds good for your dog?

Is it okay for my dog to eat seeds?

Many of the culinary seeds we incorporate into our own diets – including flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower – are also healthy choices for our dogs. Most of us are familiar with the nutritious qualities of various seeds. We might add flax seed to our cereal, sprinkle sunflower seeds on our salads, or grab a …

Pom Pom Chewy Animal Wellness Magazine

Pom Pom Chewy

This kindly Pomeranian is recognized worldwide for his striking “foxlike” features, his special connection with children – and his love for the camera! Not all puppy mill dogs have happy endings. But Pom Pom Chewy is one of the lucky ones. Rescued from his cage by an animal shelter in northern Canada, before he turned …


How to put on your dog’s harness

Do you struggle to get a harness on your dog? The very mention of going for a walk can send dog into an excitable frenzy. In many cases, they exhibit the classic signs of anticipation – tail wagging, jumping, barking and even mouthing. These behaviors can make putting a harness on your pooch or attaching …

winter activities to enjoy with your dog

Outdoor winter activities for you and your dog

Spending time outside doesn’t have to stop because it’s cold or snowy. Here are 5 winter activities you can enjoy together, and what you need to consider before setting out. Many people (and their dogs) tend to spend a lot of time indoors during the winter. While it’s best to stay put when the weather …


Top 5 canine cancer prevention tips

Cancer is a common disease in dogs, but here’s how you can significantly reduce your companion’s risk of becoming another statistic. Did you know your dog is more likely to get cancer than you are? Cancer has become the leading cause of death among canines in the U.S., Europe and Japan. It’s pervasive and often diagnosed …

fruit and veggie mix for your dog

Add this simple fruit and veggie mix to your dog’s diet

Whether you home-prepare your dog’s food, or give him a premium packaged or raw frozen diet, this easy-to-make veggie and fruit mix will add some extra nutrition to his meals. Just like us, dogs should eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits with their meals. Whether home-prepared or purchased, high quality whole food diets …

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probiotics for dogs and cats

Probiotics for pets – a primer

They’re not just for GI issues. Probiotics can help with a range of health problems and can also help maintain overall wellness in healthy dogs and cats. Supplements for dogs and cats are many and varied, but my clients ask about probiotics the most. In fact, it’s a rare consultation during which the topic of …

herbs and botanicals for middle ear infections in pets

Botanical treatments for middle ear infections in pets

Unlike conventional drugs, herbs and other botanicals make resistance nearly impossible for even the nastiest pathogens, and are effective weapons against the bacteria and fungi associated with otitis media in dogs and cats. Middle ear infections, also referred to as otitis media, are a common problem in dogs and cats. The ear canal is like …

taking care of your dog's ears

Taking care of your pet’s ears

Given how common ear problems are in dogs and cats, it pays to give regular attention to the state of your own pet’s ears, and to know how to keep them clean and healthy. Ear problems are among the most common reasons cats and dogs are taken to the veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. Yet …

dry eye in dogs

Dry eye in dogs

Also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), dry eye is a common problem in some dogs. Because it has many underlying causes, a proper diagnosis is essential before it can be effectively treated.   Dry eye is a relatively common condition in dogs that’s frequently overlooked during routine exams. Its medical name is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), and …


Chronic inflammation and your pet – part 2

When free radicals are released from cells undergoing oxidative stress, the result is chronic inflammation and a variety of health problems in dogs and cats. In the first part of this article, we looked at the connection between chronic inflammation and obesity, and how keeping your dog or cat at a healthy weight can reduce …

legalizing cannabis for pets

Legalizing cannabis for pets

Making sense of the changing laws and regulations surrounding the use of medical marijuana in dogs and cats. The legalization of medical cannabis for both pets and people is a hot topic. Opinions range from 100% nationwide decriminalization to a more cautious approach advocating for further research. So how do you know what to ask …

coconut for pets

Coconut and your pet

From oils and treats to shampoos and balms, the humble coconut is making its way into a lot of pet products. How does this popular tropical food benefit your dog or cat’s health? In recent years, the world has been discovering the health benefits of the coconut – not just for themselves, but for their …

choosing quality pet food for your dog or cat

Choosing quality pet food for your dog or cat

Making optimal dietary choices for your pet is crucial to his health, happiness and longevity. The key is to look for the best quality you can afford. It can be challenging to determine which pet food is good for your dog or cat, and which isn’t. The first step is to know the difference between …

Moose and Juniper

Moose and Juniper

Moose is a handsome Malamute mix who shares a loving home with some unconventional roommates – including his “girlfriend”, a domestic fox named Juniper. The internet abounds with photos and videos of unlikely animal friendships. Cats and pigs, goats and camels – even giraffes and ostriches. But no animal has made more interspecies connections than …

training your dog to walk on a leash

Leash-walking basics for you and your dog

Is your dog an unruly leash-walker? Does he pull you off your feet every time something distracts him? These tips will help transform him into a polite walking partner. Walking your dog is excellent exercise for both of you. But if he doesn’t know how to walk well on a leash, and is constantly pulling …

skin problems in dogs and cats

A nutritional approach to your pet’s skin problems

Following these 7 nutritional guidelines can significantly reduce your dog or cat’s skin problems. Switching a dog or cat with skin problems to a fresh food diet often brings about an improvement in itchiness. We have seen some skin cases clear up completely thanks to dietary changes. This article will give you some nutritional guidelines …


Natural help for your dog’s spinal problems

How TCVM, homeopathy and other approaches can help treat spinal problems, including intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and spondylosis, in dogs.  Spinal dysfunction in dogs is more common than you might think. I see it often in my practice. Someone brings in a dog that cannot use his hind legs; depending on which segment of the …

chiropractic care can make dogs and cats happier

Can chiropractic care make your pet happier?

Certain misalignments in your dog or cat’s spine cause nervous system changes that can impact his emotional well-being. By correcting the structural issues, chiropractic adjustments mean a calmer, happier animal. Chiropractic care has many physical benefits for pets – but it also has emotional benefits that can make him happier as well as healthier. Certain …

understanding pet food labels

Reading and understanding pet food labels

Make healthier and more informed pet food choices for your dog or cat by learning how to read and interpret pet food labels.  Trying to decipher pet food labels is more than a little intimidating. How do you make sense of all those fancy names and ingredients, let alone decide whether or not a particular …

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Chloe Kardoggian

Chloe Kardoggian

This sweet 13-year-old Chihuahua has shared her long life with many different people – but she still has endless love to give her devoted fans, and is a “spokesdog” for senior dog adoption. Chloe Kardoggian is living proof that you’re only as old as you feel. At 13, she’s no stranger to senior life, but …

effective fixes for joint problems in dogs

3 effective “fixes” for common canine joint problems

Learn how gold bead implants, prolotherapy and CMO can help heal hip dysplasia, knee injuries, arthritis and other joint problems in dogs. Dogs of all ages can suffer from musculoskeletal problems. The pain, stiffness and lack of mobility these problems cause can severely affect a dog’s quality of life. I’d like to share three unique …

dogs learn through observing

Can dogs learn by observing?

Studies are showing that dogs are a lot smarter than we might think, and that they can learn a lot of words just by observing and listening to human interactions. How many words does your dog know? You’ve probably noticed that he seems to understand more than the basic “sit”, “stay” or “come”. For example, …

acupressure in shelters

Acupressure in animal shelters

How acupressure-massage can play a role in easing anxiety, fear and confusion in shelters. Animal shelters are tough places no matter how hard staff and volunteers work to make them comfortable. Being in a shelter is terribly disorienting for a dog or cat, and in their confusion and fear, they may act out or retreat …


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