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Pom Pom Chewy Animal Wellness Magazine

Pom Pom Chewy

This kindly Pomeranian is recognized worldwide for his striking “foxlike” features, his special connection with children – and his love for the camera! Not all puppy mill dogs have happy endings. But Pom Pom Chewy is one of the lucky ones. Rescued from his cage by an animal shelter in northern Canada, before he turned …

why cats shouldn't drink milk

Why cats shouldn’t drink milk

People have been giving milk to their cats for as long as most of us can remember – but the truth is, it isn’t good for them. Find out why. It seems natural to give cats milk. Most kitties love it, and in the past, it was regarded as traditional food for most housecats. But …

top pet industry trends

Top pet industry trends of 2017

Take a look at SuperZoo’s top pet industry trends of 2017! Running a successful pet business requires a consistent focus on the trending products and services your customers are seeking. Tap into this year’s top pet retail trends as identified by SuperZoo, North America’s premier pet industry trade show. For retailers around the world, SuperZoo …


How to put on your dog’s harness

Do you struggle to get a harness on your dog? The very mention of going for a walk can send dog into an excitable frenzy. In many cases, they exhibit the classic signs of anticipation – tail wagging, jumping, barking and even mouthing. These behaviors can make putting a harness on your pooch or attaching …

are pet-friendly ice melts really safe?

Are “pet-friendly” ice melts really safe?

Just because an ice melt claims to be “pet-friendly” doesn’t mean it is. Here’s what to be aware of when looking for safe ways to rid your walks of ice and snow. Keeping walkways, porches and driveways clear of ice and snow is a big issue during the winter in many regions. The problem is, …

winter activities to enjoy with your dog

Outdoor winter activities for you and your dog

Spending time outside doesn’t have to stop because it’s cold or snowy. Here are 5 winter activities you can enjoy together, and what you need to consider before setting out. Many people (and their dogs) tend to spend a lot of time indoors during the winter. While it’s best to stay put when the weather …


Top 5 canine cancer prevention tips

Cancer is a common disease in dogs, but here’s how you can significantly reduce your companion’s risk of becoming another statistic. Did you know your dog is more likely to get cancer than you are? Cancer has become the leading cause of death among canines in the U.S., Europe and Japan. It’s pervasive and often diagnosed …

finding toys for your dog's play style

Choosing toys for your dog’s play style

Different dogs have different play styles. When buying toys for your dog, think about the kind of play he enjoys most, and look for something that will satisfy that drive. Dogs like to be busy, both physically and mentally. Otherwise, boredom, anxiety and even depression can result. Even though today’s dogs are mostly bred to …

when supplements can replace medications in dogs and cats

When can supplements replace medications in dogs and cats?

Conventional medications are sometimes necessary for pets, and can be life-saving in an emergency. But when it comes to conditions like allergies, arthritis or infections, natural supplements can often be used instead of drugs. While conventional medications have their place in dog and cat healthcare, holistic alternatives also support healing. Drugs tend to be more …

should we be de-sexing our dogs?

Should we be de-sexing our dogs?

In North America, spaying and neutering are generally regarded as a necessary and responsible approach to controlling populations of stray and homeless dogs. But new research indicates that de-sexing our dogs can negatively impact their health. So what’s the solution? In the US and Canada, dogs are routinely spayed and neutered when they’re between four …

how to interpret dog barks

How to interpret dog barks

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you when he barks? Understanding something about the pitch, frequency and duration of his barks can help you interpret what they mean. Barking is an important part of canine communication. Many people interpret barks as a threatening sound, meaning something like, “Back off, I bite!” …


Cancer-fighting foods you can share with your dog

From colorful fruits and vegetables to mushrooms and seaweed, these amazing cancer-fighting foods are packed full of nutrients. Cancer is an increasingly common health problem in dogs of all ages. The best way to help prevent cancer from affecting your own canine companion is to give him a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious whole …

the latest in cat beds

What’s new in cat beds?

Cats are choosy creatures, especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. Today’s cat beds are available in a huge variety of styles and designs, so you can select the features that best suit your kitty’s needs! Cats love to nap. In fact, the average feline sleeps 12 to 16 hours each day. No wonder …

fruit and veggie mix for your dog

Add this simple fruit and veggie mix to your dog’s diet

Whether you home-prepare your dog’s food, or give him a premium packaged or raw frozen diet, this easy-to-make veggie and fruit mix will add some extra nutrition to his meals. Just like us, dogs should eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits with their meals. Whether home-prepared or purchased, high quality whole food diets …

probiotics for dogs and cats

Probiotics for pets – a primer

They’re not just for GI issues. Probiotics can help with a range of health problems and can also help maintain overall wellness in healthy dogs and cats. Supplements for dogs and cats are many and varied, but my clients ask about probiotics the most. In fact, it’s a rare consultation during which the topic of …

herbs and botanicals for middle ear infections in pets

Botanical treatments for middle ear infections in pets

Unlike conventional drugs, herbs and other botanicals make resistance nearly impossible for even the nastiest pathogens, and are effective weapons against the bacteria and fungi associated with otitis media in dogs and cats. Middle ear infections, also referred to as otitis media, are a common problem in dogs and cats. The ear canal is like …

what your dog's stool can tell you about his health

What your dog’s stool can tell you about his health

Looking too closely at your dog’s stool might be yucky, but noting any changes and reporting them to your veterinarian is an important part of keeping tabs on his overall well-being. Cleaning up after our dogs is a daily task for most of us, although we tend to not look too closely at what we’re …

Katrina Warren

Katrina Warren: Animal Planet’s Beverly Hills Vet finds adventure in L.A.

Calming an aggressive pig, dodging llama spit, nabbing a refrigerator-raiding pup — it’s all in a day’s work for Katrina Warren. With seven years of Australian television experience under her fashionable belt, the Aussie veterinarian, Katrina Warren, thought she had seen it all. But nothing prepared her for the animal adventures she encountered on this …

Jamie Lynn DiScala

Jamie Lynn DiScala and her rescue dog, Hailey

Why the Sopranos star, Jamie Lynn DiScala, believes fate brought her and her dog together. Call it what you want – fate, serendipity or just good luck. When actor Jamie Lynn DiScala and her husband, manager A.J. DiScala, ran into Animal Wellness publisher Tim Hockley at the L.A. airport last spring, little did they know …

Stockard Channing

Stockard Channing shares her heartwarming adoption story

For actor Stockard Channing, variety is the spice of life when it comes to her canine companions. “They’re like Felix and scar in The Odd Couple,” she says affectionately about her two rescued dogs, Bishop and Louie. The dogs may be polar opposites but before they met Stockard, they had one thing in common – …

Linda Blair

Linda Blair answers her calling to help animals

Linda Blair schedules interviews for mid-morning because before then, she explains, “I have to take care of the animals.” She’s referring to the horse, dogs and chickens who share her backyard and home in Burbank, California. But she could easily be making a statement about her life’s work. The petite actor, who rocketed to stardom …

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler: Compassionate, charismatic and cool as ever

Henry Winkler’s youngest has him wrapped around her little finger. Well, actually, it’s more of a toe… a black, furry toe that belongs to Charlotte, Henry’s two-year-old Labradoodle. “She’s so smart and fabulous, and such a substantial personality,” says Henry. “I can literally have a conversation with her.” What kind of conversation, I ask? “Well, …

taking care of your dog's ears

Taking care of your pet’s ears

Given how common ear problems are in dogs and cats, it pays to give regular attention to the state of your own pet’s ears, and to know how to keep them clean and healthy. Ear problems are among the most common reasons cats and dogs are taken to the veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. Yet …

why cats can't be vegetarian

Why cats can’t be vegetarian

Your cat needs a meat-based diet in order to stay healthy. Many people who choose to be vegetarian do so for ethical reasons. But while a vegetarian diet may be a good choice for us (I’m vegetarian myself), it’s unhealthy and dangerous for our cats. Those who force their cats to eat meat-free diets are …

Charlotte Ross

NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross: Why she’s one of the good guys for animals

When actor Charlotte Ross accepted the role of Detective Connie McDowell on ABC’s critically acclaimed series, NYPD Blue, she worried that viewers wouldn’t find her character credible. After all, the beautiful and petite blonde stereotype fits more closely with a “Charlie’s Angels”-style format than with the streetwise drama she calls NY. But Charlotte Ross is …


Diane Keaton: When it comes to animals, she’s just “gotta give”

When Diane Keaton showed up for a tour of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, a revolutionary facility in Rancho Santa Fe, California, general manager Mike Arms knew about as much about the actor, director and producer as you and I. But after chatting together as they walked around the Center’s spacious grounds, Mike discovered the …

dry eye in dogs

Dry eye in dogs

Also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), dry eye is a common problem in some dogs. Because it has many underlying causes, a proper diagnosis is essential before it can be effectively treated.   Dry eye is a relatively common condition in dogs that’s frequently overlooked during routine exams. Its medical name is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), and …

Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie aims to make every day a “Good Day” for animals

Jillian Barberie leafs through her mail and stops at a handwritten note carefully folded over a photograph. The popular weather, entertainment and television personality reads a few lines and breaks into a smile. It’s another update on one of the animals who received a loving home thanks to her “Adopt a Pet” segment on “Good …

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Sometimes art imitates life. In the movie, Sweet November, actress Charlize Theron plays a sensitive animal lover who rescues two puppies from a laboratory, nurtures them and then tearfully says good-bye when she finds them a good home. The role was not a huge stretch for the talented actor. In real life, Charlize’s extraordinary beauty …


Chronic inflammation and your pet – part 2

When free radicals are released from cells undergoing oxidative stress, the result is chronic inflammation and a variety of health problems in dogs and cats. In the first part of this article, we looked at the connection between chronic inflammation and obesity, and how keeping your dog or cat at a healthy weight can reduce …

legalizing cannabis for pets

Legalizing cannabis for pets

Making sense of the changing laws and regulations surrounding the use of medical marijuana in dogs and cats. The legalization of medical cannabis for both pets and people is a hot topic. Opinions range from 100% nationwide decriminalization to a more cautious approach advocating for further research. So how do you know what to ask …

dog-friendly holiday fun

12 days of dog-friendly holiday fun

Looking for ways to celebrate the season with your dog? We take a page from the traditional holiday carol with 12 days of festive ideas.  Our dogs may not care much about holiday music, but they love spending time with us, and that doesn’t change during the festive season. Here are a dozen fun and …


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