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how cats show affection

How do cats show affection?

Cats may not be as demonstrative as dogs, but the idea that they’re incapable of love it a myth! Looks for the ways your own kitty shows her affection to you. Many people regard cats as cold and aloof. They base their views on the widely held assumption that dogs are the only pets who …

health insurance for your cat

Buying health insurance for your cat?

A healthy lifestyle can help minimize veterinary expenses, but it can’t guarantee your cat will never get sick or injured. Given the high cost of veterinary care, buying health insurance for your kitty is a wise idea. Keeping our cats healthy and happy is a top priority. Thanks to remarkable advances in veterinary care, doctors …

The Oreo Cat Animal Wellness Magazine

The Oreo Cat

This handsome tuxedo cat is full of personality and poise! Oreo’s multi-faceted career has ranged from appearing as a comic strip and children’s book character, to taking over social media and becoming an ambassador for pet education. You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Oreo came close to death’s door when he was …

What's new in cat beds

What’s new in cat beds?

Cats are choosy creatures, especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. Today’s cat beds are available in a huge variety of styles and designs, so you can select the features that best suit your kitty’s needs! Cats love to nap. In fact, the average feline sleeps 12 to 16 hours each day. No wonder …

probiotics for dogs and cats

Probiotics for pets – a primer

They’re not just for GI issues. Probiotics can help with a range of health problems and can also help maintain overall wellness in healthy dogs and cats. Supplements for dogs and cats are many and varied, but my clients ask about probiotics the most. In fact, it’s a rare consultation during which the topic of …

herbs and botanicals for middle ear infections in pets

Botanical treatments for middle ear infections in pets

Unlike conventional drugs, herbs and other botanicals make resistance nearly impossible for even the nastiest pathogens, and are effective weapons against the bacteria and fungi associated with otitis media in dogs and cats. Middle ear infections, also referred to as otitis media, are a common problem in dogs and cats. The ear canal is like …

taking care of your dog's ears

Taking care of your pet’s ears

Given how common ear problems are in dogs and cats, it pays to give regular attention to the state of your own pet’s ears, and to know how to keep them clean and healthy. Ear problems are among the most common reasons cats and dogs are taken to the veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. Yet …

why cats can't be vegetarian

Why cats can’t be vegetarian

Your cat needs a meat-based diet in order to stay healthy. Many people who choose to be vegetarian do so for ethical reasons. But while a vegetarian diet may be a good choice for us (I’m vegetarian myself), it’s unhealthy and dangerous for our cats. Those who force their cats to eat meat-free diets are …


Chronic inflammation and your pet – part 2

When free radicals are released from cells undergoing oxidative stress, the result is chronic inflammation and a variety of health problems in dogs and cats. In the first part of this article, we looked at the connection between chronic inflammation and obesity, and how keeping your dog or cat at a healthy weight can reduce …

legalizing cannabis for pets

Legalizing cannabis for pets

Making sense of the changing laws and regulations surrounding the use of medical marijuana in dogs and cats. The legalization of medical cannabis for both pets and people is a hot topic. Opinions range from 100% nationwide decriminalization to a more cautious approach advocating for further research. So how do you know what to ask …

whisker stress in cats

Does your cat have whisker stress?

Food and water bowls that are too small can result in a feline behavioral issue called whisker stress. Does your cat pull her food out of her bowl before she eats it, leaving a mess for you to clean up? Or does she only eat a few mouthfuls from the top of her dish and …

choosing quality pet food for your dog or cat

Choosing quality pet food for your dog or cat

Making optimal dietary choices for your pet is crucial to his health, happiness and longevity. The key is to look for the best quality you can afford. It can be challenging to determine which pet food is good for your dog or cat, and which isn’t. The first step is to know the difference between …

skin problems in dogs and cats

A nutritional approach to your pet’s skin problems

Following these 7 nutritional guidelines can significantly reduce your dog or cat’s skin problems. Switching a dog or cat with skin problems to a fresh food diet often brings about an improvement in itchiness. We have seen some skin cases clear up completely thanks to dietary changes. This article will give you some nutritional guidelines …

acupressure for senior cats

Senior cats – acupressure support for kidney health and general aging

Senior cats are prone to developing kidney disease and other age-related issues. Find out how acupressure can improve your aging kitty’s longevity and quality of life. Aging is rarely easy for anyone, including our senior cats. A variety of health issues can arise as cats get older, ranging from arthritis to kidney disease. Along with …

chiropractic care can make dogs and cats happier

Can chiropractic care make your pet happier?

Certain misalignments in your dog or cat’s spine cause nervous system changes that can impact his emotional well-being. By correcting the structural issues, chiropractic adjustments mean a calmer, happier animal. Chiropractic care has many physical benefits for pets – but it also has emotional benefits that can make him happier as well as healthier. Certain …

natural remedies for arthritic cats

Natural remedies for arthritic cats 

From acupuncture and weight management to nutritional supplements and Reiki, there are many natural ways to help relieve the pain and stiffness of arthritic cats. Arthritis affects as many as three in ten felines. A number of natural approaches can help mitigate the pain of arthritic cats, and a multi-modal approach will get the best …

The Cat Network

The Cat Network

The Cat Network plays a huge role in reducing cat overpopulation in South Florida, and has so far helped over 100,000 felines.  Twenty-two years ago, a group of cat lovers in Miami Beach decided to do something to help the area’s exploding population of homeless cats. They began by approaching city officials and convincing them …

understanding pet food labels

Reading and understanding pet food labels

Make healthier and more informed pet food choices for your dog or cat by learning how to read and interpret pet food labels.  Trying to decipher pet food labels is more than a little intimidating. How do you make sense of all those fancy names and ingredients, let alone decide whether or not a particular …

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interactive play

Interactive play is the cat’s meow

Regular play helps keep your cat fit, but because felines prefer toys that move, you need to make her playtime interactive. If you’re like most cat owners, your kitty has a sizable collection of toys that you’ve bought or made for her over the years. You’ve probably also noticed that she doesn’t play with most …

NAET for allergies

NAET helps resolve allergies in your pet

Nambudiprad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) combines techniques from a variety of modalities, including acupuncture and kinesiology, to get to the root of allergies in dogs and cats. If your dog or cat has allergies, you know how difficult it can be to determine exactly what’s causing them. Nambudiprad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) identifies the allergens …

cat trees

Cat trees and condos

If you’re looking for a way to keep Kitty active and engaged, one of today’s increasingly-imaginative cat trees or condos might be just the ticket. Cats need to stay active to be happy and healthy. A cat tree or condo is an ideal way to provide your kitty with opportunities for healthy physical exercise, mental …

cats poop outside the litterbox

When cats poop outside the litterbox

The “other” litterbox problem – causes and solutions. Urinating outside the litterbox is a fairly common issue in cats, so it gets the most attention. We don’t hear as much about cats that defecate outside the box, yet it does happen. In order to solve the problem (called “middening”, according to the American Association of …


Cannabis for Cats

How medical marijuana may improve your kitty’s health. Cannabis, also known as medical marijuana, remains a controversial topic. But more people are realizing how effective it is at treating the symptoms of many human conditions, from cancer and AIDS to multiple sclerosis, pain disorders, glaucoma, epilepsy and more. Cannabis is also being used to help …

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Natural solutions for pet pests

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, mosquitoes – warmer weather means these pests will be looking for a piece of your dog or cat. Some can cause serious illness, never mind itching and irritation, so take steps to protect him, the natural way.   Over the last 35 years of being an integrative veterinarian, I have developed a …


Spot-on flea and tick preventives

Spot-on flea and tick products are hazardous to your dog or cat’s health. Here’s what you need to know about them – and about the more natural, non-toxic alternatives you can turn to instead. Many people regularly apply spot-on flea and tick preventives to their dogs and cats. Even those whose animals have little to …

cat litter

The latest in cat litter

Get the scoop with our look at today’s cat litter options.   Shopping for kitty litter can be a challenge, given the variety of different litter types on the market. You want a litter that’s going to be healthy and safe, as well as convenient, clean and odor-free. In this article, we’ll look at the …


Noni – a tropical fruit that’s good for dogs and cats

Noni has great potential for the treatment and possible prevention of many diseases in pets. Noni fruit is nothing short of amazing. It’s been in use for centuries across the Pacific region, not just for food but for its health benefits as well. Noni is reported to have a broad range of therapeutic effects that …

bolt and keel

Bolt and Keel – adventure cats

Exploring the great outdoors comes naturally to these two intrepid kitties, whose wilderness trips with their humans have made them two of social media’s most popular felines. Given the choice between staying comfortably at home or embarking on a wilderness adventure with their people, most cats would much prefer the homebody option. But Bolt and …

carbon footprint

Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint

Domestic dogs and cats have a significant impact on the environment. Let’s look at what we can do to make our furry friends more earth-friendly. Have you ever thought about your dog or cat’s carbon footprint? How much of an impact does he have on the planet and its resources? More than you think, probably. …


Hip hemp products for dogs

Hemp is a durable, eco-friendly fiber that has woven its way into a range of natural and sustainable products for dogs. One of the most versatile materials on the planet, hemp is valued for its hypoallergenic and earth-friendly qualities. Hemp is made from the fibers of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s used to make everything …


Adopting a kitten into a senior cat household

Cats can get set in their ways. And the older they are, the truer this becomes. If you have an older cat, and are considering adopting a kitten to add to the household, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t end up with two stressed-out felines that can’t get …

Vestibular disease

Vestibular disease – when your pet is off balance

Dizziness, falling, lack of coordination, a tilting head…these are all symptoms of vestibular syndrome in dogs and cats. It looks scary, but depending on the cause, the prognosis is promising. What would you think if your dog or cat developed a sudden head tilt, seemed uncoordinated and had trouble controlling his facial muscles? You might …


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