Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Jennifer Thackery

Jennifer Thackery has been active in the veterinary and equine nutrition arena for over 27 years. Working as a veterinary technician, teaching at the local business college in their veterinary assistant program and developing their accredited equine program and also teaching those classes along with small animal courses. She studied Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition in graduate school long after her Bachelors Degree in Biology with an emphasis on pre-veterinary science. She also volunteered as the only local large animal humane agent for 9 years and she worked for the city as a small animal humane agent. Jen resides in northern Minnesota with her husband on a beautiful 40 acre farm along with their 4 horses, Caz (a little Lustiano rescue), Serene (an Andalusian rescue mare), Siroco (an Andalusian gelding) and Gio (Georgian Grande). They also love and care for 2 rescued Greyhounds, Smoke and Tris, a formerly feral kitty named Snickers and 2 guinea pigs.