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AvidLife Pet

Ensuring their products are backed up by science helps AvidLife Pet make a difference in the wellbeing of your companion.

Thanks to online shopping, we have access to a mind-boggling array of health products for our dogs and cats. But not all these offerings are what they’re cracked up to be. “Many companies make products with non-researched ‘solutions’ and ‘cures’ to animal illnesses, slap a label on the bottle, and sell them online without any evidence,” says Jessica Daniel of AvidLife Pet. “As a company that previously offered products only to veterinarians, we quickly saw the need for people to purchase directly – allowing them access to nutraceuticals developed by veterinarians and backed by extensive research. AvidLife Pet was launched in August of 2012 by a group of veterinarians, scientists and animal enthusiasts.”

The company quickly discovered their customers also needed well-researched health information as well as reliable, proven products. While you can find advice about all kinds of animal issues online, not a lot of it is accurate or evidence-based. “We couldn’t find anyplace online that offered information specifically about animal-related chronic conditions,” says Jessica. “We did find several forums and chat rooms where people were desperately seeking advice for their newly diagnosed animals.” That’s why the AvidLife Pet website features articles on chronic health conditions as well as a forum, and a blog authored by veterinarians. “Our goal is to enhance and better the lives of animals battling chronic conditions, and to make life easier for the people who care for them,” Jessica explains. “Through the sharing of knowledge, ideas and solutions, we empower people to take control of their animals’ health.”

The product line features nutraceuticals to help with a variety of problems. For example, AvidLife AI assists in managing chronic in ammatory conditions – it contains ImSAIDs®, a proprietary formula that supports the normal function of immune cells responsible for inflammatory processes in the skin, lungs, pancreas, joints and other tissues. Additional products for combating eye diseases and gastrointestinal disturbances are also available.

“Our product selection process is stringent,” says Jessica. “Each formulation must meet several criteria to be part of our line. It must be developed by veterinarians with clinical experience; supported by extensive clinical evidence; established and proven in veterinary practice – and comprised of natural ingredients.”

Jessica says she loves seeing the difference their products and educational information make in the lives of companion animals and their families. “Over and over, I see people whose animals have been diagnosed with a chronic condition give up. They have no idea what to do, or even what the condition entails. When they find our site, suddenly they realize they are not alone – that there is a whole community out there full of veterinary quality information and other people with dogs and cats with chronic conditions – and they realize they can do this. They can take control and empower themselves. It really changes everything.”

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