A Bark Of Approval

Isaac Basal may only be 15-years-old, but the Montreal, Canada born YouTube and pop sensation is creating a buzz recently thanks to his dog Barbie’s bark!

While Isaac’s music is gaining momentum globally – with performances across North America and with over 250,000 listeners via YouTube on a daily basis – it’s his Bichon Maltese’s bark that helps him pick out which song to perform for his fans.
barbie's barkPrior to each live performance, Isaac practices his songs on his family piano or home studio, and at the end of each song session, 4-year-old Barbie either barks in approval or rolls on her back as to say “no more”; It’s Barbie’s song selections from the practice sessions that has helped Isaac choose his songs to garner the success he has had so far.
They may do things different in Montreal, but Isaac has a good-luck charm unlike anyone else, let’s just hope the dog isn’t the one putting together the dance choreography!
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