Barlee’s Angels To the Rescue

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Location: Based in Guelph, ON; foster homes across southern Ontario

Year established: 1999

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: Two directors, eight team leaders, 20 foster

Types of animal they work with: “We do not discriminate based on breed, age, location or
medical status, as dictated by our resources,” says co-director Melissa Merkel. “We do focus
on the American pit bull terrier (those grandfathered in Ontario due to current laws), the
Neapolitan mastiff and the Australian cattledog. We are mostly a dog-based rescue, but
occasionally take in and place cats or other small animals.”

Fundraising initiatives: “We are always fundraising to help cover the costs of vet care.
Last year, we treated six dogs for mange. Another dog that needed an eye removed, and
two others needed surgery to correct entropion. We also took in a pregnant dog who had a
large litter. We currently have a dog that needs surgery to remove a mammary tumor, and
another with an as-yet unidentified skin condition.”

Favorite rescue story: “In the spring of 2012, one of our directors went to a shelter to pick
up several dogs that were to be euthanized. She noticed a scared dog cowering in a pen,
and learned she was going to be euthanized due to poor behavior. The shelter agreed to
hang onto the dog while we worked to find her a spot, and after a short time we were able
to bring Darby into a foster home. We expected a scared and timid dog, but once out of the
shelter environment, Darby gained confidence and ended up being a great dog. She was
soon adopted by a young couple who absolutely adore her.”

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