Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun. Check out these unique travel accessories for animals, all designed to make the journey as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible.

Traveling with your dog is fun. Whether he’s riding shotgun, snoozing in the backseat, or snug in his carrier in the cabin of an airplane, his safety, comfort and well being take first priority. Here’s a look at some trendy products that can help ensure the trip is as enjoyable for him as it is for you.

Baggage to go

Our animals travel the way we do – with lots of luggage. The Doggie Traveler from Doggies Unlimited is one product that allows you to keep all your companion’s accessories in one easy to reach place. The insulated lightweight traveling bag features a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying. It has lots of room for holding food and other supplies, and comes with a dog water bottle, a safety light, collapsible bowls, reflective leash, dog waste bags and two tennis balls for play breaks.

For extra security, add a colorful Crate & Luggage Tag from Big Paw Designs. They’re made from sturdy plastic, and give you a place to write your animal’s name, your phone number and other contact information. These tags are also ideal for crates and carriers.

Car seats

Just like you and your human family members, your dog should be secured while riding in the car. The market carries quite a few doggie car seats nowadays. The stylish Doggie Driving seat created by Melissa Kann is the only one for both toy and small breed dogs that has a hard shell to support and protect the dog. It has a strap that allows your travel buddy to ride either in the front or back seats. An added bonus is the combination between the seat’s hard shell and soft washable sherpa lining, which helps dogs that have been in former accidents, or who are prone to carsickness, feel safe and secure.

“The seat is designed to safely protect and support dogs while traveling in the car,” explains Melissa. “At the back is a securing strap with a clip that attaches to the dog’s harness to secure him in the seat. The ledge allows him to see out the window and brace himself in case of a sudden stop or swerve. The design allows him to sleep below the seat line so he is protected from sudden stops or an accident.”

For anxiety and motion sickness

If your dog gets stressed or nauseated when on the road, there are many products than can help settle his stomach and soothe his nerves. Travel Easy Aromatherapy Spray from All Pet Naturals features eucalyptus, ginger and peppermint oils especially for problems like motion sickness and anxiety. Flower essences can also help with these issues. Azmira offers several blends for this purpose. “R&R Essence and Fear are excellent for anxiety while traveling,” says Sarah Durand. “We also have a product for nausea called Lemon Soother.”

Neat and tidy

Dogs can get dirty when outdoors, and depending on where you’re traveling, allergies may also become an issue. Packing grooming supplies might seem like too much, but there are products that make it easier. The DERMagic Groom & Go Travel Kit, for example, features six all-natural skin care products for dogs in a reusable vinyl zipper case for easy transport. There’s a shampoo bar, conditioner, hot spot lotion, cell restoration cream and aromatherapy Dead Sea bath scrub. Shampoo bars are ideal for travel because they won’t spill or leak.

Travel treats

For those long hours in the car, healthy treats to break the monotony are a must. Onesta Organics makes certified organic dehydrated raw treats available in a variety of grain-and-gluten-free flavors. The ingredients are processed at temperatures low enough to keep them essentially raw, and because they don’t require refrigeration, they’re ideal for the road.

“We package the treats in compact, lightweight, resealable containers that fit into most jacket pockets,” says creator Heidi Junger. “If you pack one or two of your animal’s favorites, you’ll be able to reward her after an especially long trip, or just cheer her up with a delicious, super-nutritious treat.”

Dinner on the go

If you’re taking a long trip and stopping at hotels along the way, you’ll need to take your companion’s food with you. Dehydrated food or pre-mixes are perfect for travel because they’re non-perishable and easy to pack. Better In The Raw from Know Better Pet Foods is one manufacturer that offers a complete pre-mix – all you need to do is add meat to create a balanced healthy meal while on the go. The Honest Kitchen also makes nutritious pre-mixes while Steve’s Real Food offers dehydrated raw food that’s ideal for traveling.

Water, water everywhere

“Many dogs stress and will not drink while traveling,” says Terry Fisk, distributor of GoDog. To keep your dog healthy and his kidneys functioning properly, it is your job to make sure he stays hydrated throughout the trip. GoDog is a product that encourages your animal to drink water. It was created by Bob Fritz as a total sports drink for dogs. “It’s a palatable powder made of natural, human grade ingredients that is mixed with water,” says Terry. “It provides hydration during training, recreational exercise or travel, and also provides complex carbohydrates, which are important for dogs who are off their food due to travel stress.”

Going by air?

Sometimes air travel is unavoidable, which means your dog will have to travel in a crate or carrier. Cats and small dogs are sometimes allowed to travel in the cabin with their people, depending on the airline, but they must still be secured. The Sleepypod Air is specifically designed for traveling by plane with small animals. It adapts easily to the various under-seat storage requirements set by different airlines.

KC Pet Travel Products specializes in items to enhance your animal’s safety and comfort, especially when you’re going by air. “Alaska Air, Horizon and Northwest Airlines have made it mandatory for all kennels to be secured with nuts and bolts,” says Lisa Kelly. “They no longer accept the plastic pegs.” Dry Fur Universal Kennel Hardware consists of solid metal hardware kits with short and long bolts and nut bases designed to fit into the plastic peg chamber on most kennels. The Dry Fur Pet Airline Kit, meanwhile, is a complete system designed to ensure your companion stays safe and secure when traveling by air, especially if he has to go in the cargo hold. It incorporates “Live Animal” labels, a kennel name tag, metal bolts for securing the kennel, Dry Fur bedding, food and water cups, an ID collar tag, and pouches for food, vet documents and contact information.