Dog meme ranks “best meme of the decade”

The most popular meme of the decade features a dog! Or should we say “doge”?

As we approach 2020, new trends are popping up all over the place for both humans and pets. But one trend that’s likely here to stay? Memes. To celebrate this popular movement, The Tab conducted a poll to determine the best meme of the decade – and we couldn’t be happier about the winner.

The poll involved 3000 participants, all of whom were asked to vote for their favorite meme from 2010 onward. Nominees included multiple animal-related memes, including the ever-so-popular “woman yelling at cat” and “Grumpy cat”, but the results were clear… Doge was the best meme of the decade.

The original doge meme.

Raking in a whopping 737 votes, Doge is an adorable image of rescue Shiba Inu named Kabosu surrounded by colorful words in Comic Sans font. Though the photo of Kabosu making a funny face is worthy of a smile, it’s the text that makes the meme hilarious. It portrays the internal monologue of the dog, and is always written in broken English.

First introduced to the internet in 2013, Doge went viral near the end of the year and was named as Know Your Meme’s “top meme” of that year. It then made a comeback in 2019, spreading across cyberspace like wildfire for a second time in a single decade. Over the years, it has been modified many times by various creators.

Do you agree with the results of The Tab’s poll? Comment below to let us know!


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