Beyond the Label: Allergies Demystified

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Allergies can be a big problem for animals as well as humans. It’s important to try and understand where your dog or cat’s allergy discomfort is stemming from so you can help him feel better and improve his health.

Here are three common sources of sensitivities:

1. Outdoor allergens

Just like us, animals can be impacted by seasonal plant-based allergies. Pollens and grasses are common sources during spring and summer. If your dog or cat suffers from allergy-like symptoms during a particular season, a trip to the vet may be in order to decide the best course of action.

2. Indoor allergens

Dust mites, mold spores and other indoor allergens can cause a reaction in your companion. Cleaning your floors and carpets regularly to minimize “dust bunnies” is one method for decreasing the risk of sensitivities.

3. Food

Food allergies often show up as excessively itchy skin, gastric upset or ear infections. If you think your animal may be suffering from a food-related intolerance, try replacing his diet with one geared towards animals with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs. For instance, Petcurean’s GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE recipes can diminish the discomfort or digestive issues he may be experiencing.

By monitoring your dog or cat’s exposure to allergens, and keeping an eye on how he reacts to the food he eats, you can help ensure he thrives!

Michele Dixon is the Health and Nutrition Specialist with Petcurean Pet Nutrition.

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