Biotin & Antioxidants For Dogs


Biotin and antioxidants are key ingredients in this company’s supplements for healthy skin, shiny coats and overall well being.

A dog’s health is reflected in his coat. If it’s dull and dry, or he sheds excessively, has dandruff or other skin problems, he’s probably not feeling his best either. Conversely, a rich, shiny coat and clear skin suggests he’s in peak condition. Just ask John Owens, the founder and former president of Nickers International, an almost 30-year-old company that makes nutritional supplements for dogs and cats as well as horses and people.

“John owns and rides show and dressage horses,” says Evelina Wisniewska, the company’s sales and marketing director. “Knowing his horses had special nutritional needs, he created a product called Gen-A-Horse, and other vitamin supplements, to enhance their health and performance.” Not surprisingly, the supplements also made his horses’ coats glow. When John introduced his products to the public in 1984, they became immediately successful, to the point where people started feeding them to their dogs as well as their horses.

“This led to the development of Bio-Coat, a vitamin supplement for dogs and cats,” says Evelina. The product is rich in biotin, a B vitamin and enzyme that synthesizes the fatty acids vital for good skin and coat health. “When people noted the rapid and remarkable improvement in their animals’ skin, and the regeneration of their hair and coats, they started asking if they could use these supplements themselves!” As a result, a line of products for humans was also developed.

Today, Nickers International’s dog products include not only Bio-Coat, but also a dry shampoo made from vegetable fibers, biotin and aloe, and free of the harsh chemicals in commercial shampoos that can cause irritation and dry skin. Other products include a vitamin E supplement for protection against free radicals, and a gentle anti-diarrheal/constipation remedy made from psyllium seed.

“We’re dedicated to promoting and maintaining the health, vitality and longevity of people and their animals by providing quality products, using the highest grade raw ingredients with no animal by-products, artificial flavors or colors,” says Evelina. “The products are manufactured in a powdered form and contain no excipients, fillers, glazes or the other non-nutritive substances otherwise necessary for conventional tablets and capsules. All our supplements are made in the US. Our goal is to continue being a leader in nutritional supplementation with special focus on biotin and antioxidants.”

Nickers International donates product to no-kill shelters around the country. “We also support organizations that hold schooling/fun and fund-raising animal and horse shows for youth and adults,” adds Evelina. “We enjoy hearing stories from satisfied customers about how our products make a difference in their animals as well as in their own lives. It brings us a sense of meaning, and a feeling of contributing to society as a whole.”

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