Alley Cat Allies responds to California disasters

In recent months, wildfires and mudslides wreaked havoc on certain parts of California. In the wake of these disasters, many cats have become lost, fighting against all odds to be reunited with their families.

Dedicated to protecting and improving cats’ lives through innovative, cutting-edge programs, Alley Cat Allies stepped in to fund rescue groups and save the lives of these animals. “Many animal welfare organizations in California are stretched to the limit to help with injured and lost cats,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “By adding our resources to the effort, we’re helping them to continue their dedicated, lifesaving work and make the biggest impact.”

Alley Cat Allies is currently supporting various rescues with grants to help misplaced felines. Outcast Cat Help (OCH) is one of the grateful recipients. Using the funds, OCH has set up feeding stations and trail cameras to catch sightings of displaced cats. “Cats are scared and hiding, so this is very difficult work,” says Becky. “We want to help create as many happy endings as possible.” OCH team members compare the cats they see on camera to descriptions of cats that are appearing on local Facebook groups and at local rescues. When they identify matches, they catch the cats through organized trapping, which is also supported by the Alley Cat Allies grant.

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*Image courtesy of Alley Cat Allies


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