Canine Assisted Therapy (C.A.T.)

canine assisted therapy

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Location: Oakland Park, FL

Year established: 2009

Number of staff/volunteers/foster homes: 3 staff, 106 volunteers

Types of animal they work with: “Over 80% of our therapy dogs are rescues,” says Courtney Trzcinski, Volunteer Coordinator. “Some are retired service dogs.”

Fundraising initiatives: “We are fundraising to create curricula for incorporating therapy dogs into schools and other programs working with children with autism spectrum disorder. We also do general fundraising to help recruit new volunteer therapy teams.”

Favorite rescue story: “Shoshana Rappaport and C.A.T. dog Macy were asked to go into a classroom of children on the autism spectrum. The teacher had a profoundly autistic little boy on her lap. She held his hand and helped him gently stroke Macy. Suddenly the teacher exclaimed, “Oh my god! He made eye contact!” In only a couple of minutes of interacting with Macy, this little boy made eye contact with two different people four times, something he had never done before with anyone. As the teacher and boy got up to let Shoshana and Macy go to another classroom, the little boy said, ‘Dog.’ It was the first word he had ever spoken.”

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