How many photos of your cat do you have?

Crazy cat lady… myth or fact? A new study reveals that cat parents are mildly obsessed with taking photos of their feline companions.

It seems cat guardians really love photographing their kitties! A study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Fresh Step observed the behavior of 1,000 cat parents to see how they interacted with their feline companions. They found that 41% of participants had framed photos of their cats proudly displayed in their homes. The study also revealed that cat parents spend around 1,016 hours with their kitties every year – almost three hours per day – and that during these three hours, they take an average of seven photos of their feline friends.

What about other pastimes cat parents share with their kitties? Nearly 60% of those polled said they like to snuggle with their felines, and about 75% said they talk to their cats. A whopping 66% even claimed they’d rather spend time with their cats than with other humans!