Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dog Health

senior canine and feline aging process

When is a dog a senior?

Our dogs and cats are generally considered senior when they reach seven to nine years. But the rate at which they actually age varies,...
canine flu outbreak

Canine flu outbreak

An outbreak of H3N2 (canine flu) in 2015 caused a lot of alarm among pet parents. Take a look at how integrative methods can...
head pressing

Head Pressing — a warning of serious illness in dogs

Have you ever seen a dog or cat press their head against the wall? It kind of looks adorable, but it isn't something that...
olive oil for dogs

Extra-virgin olive oil for dogs

What’s the difference between extra-virgin olive oil, and plain olive oil? Does it matter which one I give my dog? Olive oils are graded according...
Understanding your animal's veterinary tests

Understanding your animal’s veterinary tests

Are you confused by your animal's lab results? Here's a helpful guide to some of the most common blood tests your veterinarian might perform. Most...

The Rabies Challenge Fund For Dogs

Morgan is doing all she can to protect her two dogs from over-vaccination. “I have a vet who does titer testing instead of giving...