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How to safely satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts

How to safely satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts

Safe and humane ways to give your cat the thrill of hunting and catching “prey”, without harming neighborhood wildlife. As carnivores and predators, cats...
should we be de-sexing our dogs?

Should we be de-sexing our dogs?

In North America, spaying and neutering are generally regarded as a necessary and responsible approach to controlling populations of stray and homeless dogs. But...

Emergency care for severe allergic reactions

Bee stings, certain foods or accidental drug ingestion can cause extreme allergic reactions, also called anaphylaxis, in some dogs. Here’s how to stabilize an...
vitamin c

High dose vitamin C therapy – Part 1

When injected at high doses into a pet or person, vitamin C offers some amazing healing benefits and can even help treat cancer. Vitamin C...
Natural approaches to allergies

Natural approaches to allergies

In canines, seasonal allergies usually manifest as skin problems and scratching. Here’s how to ease the discomfort. It’s spring – the start of another allergy...
dog mobility ears

How’s your dog’s mobility?

His posture, range of motion and the way he moves can have an influence on his mobility and overall well-being. When was the last...
Acupressure for active dogs

Exercise and acupressure for conditioning

Add acupressure to your dog's exercise regime, and you'll give him the edge he needs to advance to new levels if conditioning. Every dog has...
the problem with wheat in dog food

The real problem with wheat

People and animals have been eating wheat for thousands of years, so why has it started causing health issues in so many? The answer may...