Friday, July 1, 2022
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whisker stress in cats

Does your cat have whisker stress?

Food and water bowls that are too small can result in a feline behavioral issue called whisker stress. Does your cat pull her food...
The Cat Network

The Cat Network

The Cat Network plays a huge role in reducing cat overpopulation in South Florida, and has so far helped over 100,000 felines.  Twenty-two years ago,...
interactive play

Interactive play is the cat’s meow

Regular play helps keep your cat fit, but because felines prefer toys that move, you need to make her playtime interactive. If you’re like most...
cat trees

Cat trees and condos

If you’re looking for a way to keep Kitty active and engaged, one of today’s increasingly-imaginative cat trees or condos might be just the...
how to introduce dogs to cats

How to introduce a new dog to your cat

Your dog and cat can co-exist, but it is vital to go about it the right way for everyone's safety. Here are some great...
outdoor cats

Outdoor Cats Debate — Part I

Addressing problems caused by feral, stray and free-roaming felines – and finding solutions that benefit both cats and communities. Over the past few years, we...
naughty cat

Is your cat being naughty?

Don’t punish her! Positive reinforcement is the best way to coax any cat back to good behavior. Biting, scratching or hissing -- is your kitty misbehaving?...
New Year’s resolutions for a healthier cat

New Year’s resolutions for a healthier cat

Making a few New Year’s resolutions to improve your cat's lifestyle means you'll both enjoy the benefits of a fresh start! Most of us make a...