Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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behavior modification for dogs who are scared of thunderstorms

Is your dog scared of thunderstorms?

Shaking, whining, panting and pacing are all signs of thunder phobia in dogs. Instead of dreading summer thunderstorms, find out how behavior modification can...
dogs in hot cars

Dogs in hot cars

Despite widespread publicity about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars during the summer months, people still do it. Know how to help...

Dogs of Iqaluit

Responding to a call for help from an Arctic animal rescue. Helping pets is what we do. So when a call for help came in...

Envy and Zain

These striking border collies are the best of buddies, and thanks to their photographer “mom”, their portraits of unconditional love have made them social...
beagle brigade

Beagle Brigade

These keen-nosed working dogs known as the Beagle Brigade, are experts at stopping contraband foods and plants at the border. Keeping contraband foods and plants...
dock diving

Making a splash with dock diving

This exciting canine water sport is becoming a favorite for thousands of dogs and their people. Learn what dock diving is all about and...
dog acting guilty

Can Dogs Feel Guilty?

We’ve all seen dogs acting guilty. But behaviors like avoiding eye contact, hiding, or creeping don’t mean that a dog knows he did something...
Does your dog sleep in your bed?

Does your dog impact your sleep?

Many people love having their dogs and cats sleep with them. But if your slumber is being disturbed by a noisy, restless or bed-hogging...
finding a groomer

10 simple steps to finding a dog groomer

DON’T just open the phone book and pick the first groomer you see. DO some research to ensure you select a well-run salon that’s...
Caring for your senior dog

Caring for your senior dog

A growing number of dogs are living past their mid-teens. Here are seven factors to consider when caring for your senior canine companion. Sweet was our...