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Train your dog not to chase wildlife

Train your dog not to chase wildlife

Wild animals such as skunks, coyotes and coons are common in and around most communities. Protecting your dog from a confrontation with local wildlife...

How to train a dog not to jump on you

Puppies and puppy breath are two of my favorite things in life. A happy and healthy puppy is full of life, fun and energy....
basic behaviors

Top 4 basic behaviors every dog should know

Training your dog starts with knowing the most important basic behaviors to teach him. Here's why “stay”, “come”, "leave it" and "heel" top the...
puppy training

Step by Step Training for Pups

If you’re adopting a puppy from your local shelter, one of the first things you need to do is start training him so he’ll...
calming activities for a hyperactive dog

Calming games for a hyperactive dog

Over-excitement can be a problem if you can’t get your hyperactive dog to settle down. These 3 games help by rewarding relaxed behavior. Identifying a...
Top 10 training tips

Top 10 training tips

Set your dog up for success with these suggestions for positive training. Training simply means educating your dog in a safe and loving environment, and...
Teaching good behavior through games.

Transforming behavior with games

From begging to pulling on the leash to getting overexcited during play, any dog can develop unwanted behaviors. Here are four common behavior problems and...
Mentally stimulating dog toys

5 steps to greater enrichment

Circling through these five themes of environmental enrichment can help keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated as well as happy, content and well-behaved. As...
best times for training dogs

5 best times for training

Training is necessary, and the lessons you teach him should be practiced regularly. Here are the five best times of day to do it. Finding...
Giving your dog affection the right way

Giving your dog affection the right way

It may seem natural to hug and kiss your furry friend, but these gestures may actually feel threatening to some canines. Learn how to...
Separation anxiety — could you be making it worse?

Separation anxiety — could you be making it worse?

Could you be making your dog's separation anxiety worse? You may be contributing to his fear without even realizing it. Wendy adopted a collie mix recently....