Chloe Kardoggian

This sweet 13-year-old Chihuahua has shared her long life with many different people – but she still has endless love to give her devoted fans, and is a “spokesdog” for senior dog adoption.

Chloe Kardoggian is living proof that you’re only as old as you feel. At 13, she’s no stranger to senior life, but her loving personality and energetic attitude have transformed her into the most famous senior Chihuahua in the world. As her many fans know, this four-legged sweetie weighs three pounds, has two teeth, and one adorable oversized tongue – but her zest for life is incalculable. She wears tiaras and tutus, attends charity events, and is full of fun and energy despite her age.

Yet Chloe didn’t always have the ideal life. Originally purchased to be bred, she was given away after she was deemed “too small”.  She spent most of her life with her subsequent adopters, being passed from house to house within the family. In December 2013, at the age of nine, Chloe was listed for adoption on Facebook when her primary caregiver became too frail to keep her and no one else in the family was prepared to give her a permanent home.

Finding a home for a senior dog is rarely easy, but timing was on Chloe’s side. New York City resident Dorie Herman was on the lookout for a new furry family member after the loss of her previous senior dog. Unlike most people, Dorie has always loved adopting older dogs, so Chloe seemed the perfect fit for her. “We met a few weeks later and the rest is history,” says Dorie.

Shortly after Dorie adopted Chloe, she started an Instagram account for her new companion. “I wanted to keep her previous family up to date,” says Dorie. “It wasn’t long before I noticed that Chloe literally poses for the camera whenever it comes out.” Dorie began having fun with the Instagram account, giving Chloe costumes and coming up with photo captions to convey what the little Chihuahua might be thinking. As for the clever account name she chose – “Chloe Kardoggian” – it just seemed to fit and Dorie simply couldn’t resist. Not surprisingly, their following began to explode.

Chloe’s popularity inspired Dorie to use their social media influence for more than entertainment. What began as a way to share photos and updates quickly gained a much bigger purpose, and a mission began to take shape. Today, Chloe and Dorie strive to raise awareness for senior adoption and pet rescue in general. “As Chloe is such a visible senior rescue dog, it is our honor and duty to raise awareness for other older dogs in need,” says Dorie, adding that she wants people to know what wonderful pets senior animals make.

“As Chloe is such a visible senior rescue dog, it is our honor and duty to raise awareness for other older dogs in need.”

Aside from spreading awareness (and plenty of smiles), Chloe participates in charity events in collaboration with organizations boasting similar missions and values. “The charity most near and dear to me is the Foster Dogs Inc. Fospice program,” says Dorie. “They find permanent foster homes for senior homeless and/or terminally ill dogs.” Fospice has been helping these dogs since 2013, and typically focuses on those with fewer than six months to live. “When Chloe hit 100,000 followers, we teamed up with PetSmart to host a virtual kissing booth,” Dorie adds. “For every kiss emoji left in the comments, PetSmart donated to Fospice. We raised $5,000!”

Helping other senior dogs is Chloe’s ultimate goal, but her accomplishments don’t end there. Breaking the stigma surrounding white muzzles, she leads a full life of excitement and glamor. She was recently nominated for a 2017 Webby award, and was a 2016 Honoree. According to Dorie, Chloe has appeared numerous times on the Today Show, and has been featured in articles by Refinery29, Buzzfeed, PopSugar and She has even had one of her photos reposted by Lady Gaga!

Chloe has even had one of her photos reposted by Lady Gaga!

Chloe also has her own Facebook page and website, along with a full line of popular merchandise ranging from pillows and iPhone cases to art prints, clothing, tote bags and even a shower curtain.

With lots of experience in senior dog care, Dorie ensures she takes time from their busy schedule to focus on Chloe’s physical well-being. Health problems are inevitable as dogs age. “Chloe was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension,” says Dorie. This disease is common in small dogs, especially later in life. Along with Chloe’s medication, Dorie gives the chic Chihuahua natural supplements on a daily basis. “She also gets acupuncture when she has any back problems.”

History, age and health issues aside, Chloe Kardoggian demonstrates that happiness and well-being are achievable at any stage of life. She’ll be spending the rest of her days with Dorie and her new mixed breed brother, another senior rescue who enjoys posing for photos with his sister. “Chloe has every right to be shy of people, but she walks into every room like she owns it,” says Dorie. “For all the homes and changes she has experienced in her life, she is the most welcoming, loving animal I have ever owned.”

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