Contest Winners

Congrats to Kara U. for the winning caption! Photo supplied by Jennifer Lynn.

We have a winner for our Hallowe’en Contest! Her name is Sadie, and she is training to be a therapy dog for the elderly. Her costume is Catwoman.


And the winner of our summer contest to #WIN a brand new Wave Rider Life Vest from Canada Pooch is…..*drumroll*


The winner of our Sojos gift basket contest is Kathie Miner!


This is Tee Creek’s Brown Eyed Girl, known as “Sunny”. She will be 13 tomorrow (May 30) and is a very sweet, smart and feisty girl. She has done both Obedience and Agility classes and rules our house and her two Collie brothers with an “iron paw”. This picture is what she now deserves in retirement : a tea party with her favorite girl, our granddaughter!