Cranberries are one of the world’s “superfoods”. They have antioxidant properties, protect urinary tract health, help prevent infections and can also fight cancer. Why not consider adding a cranberry supplement to your animals diet?

The Fraser Valley, just outside Vancouver in British Columbia, is a prime cranberry-growing region. It’s also where Wilma Pretorius lives and works. She’s the founder of I&W Research, a producer of cutting edge health ingredients made mainly from superfoods.

“I researched the role of nutrition in disease and behavior and knew our regional ingredients had tremendous health benefits,” says Wilma. “We were supplying some of the world’s leading nutraceutical and functional food companies.” Wilma was inspired to also develop products for dogs and cats when her own dog Phoebe died of cancer. The result was Cranimals, whole food organic supplements and biscuits for dogs and cats.

“I believe strongly in preventative health care and nutritional medicine,” explains Wilma. “I feel the rise in chronic degenerative disease in both humans and companion animals is strongly tied to diet and environment. It is widely accepted that the underlying cause of accelerated aging and degenerative disease is due in large part to oxidative damage and inflammation. Many other animal illnesses including kidney and bladder stones and urinary tract infections are also on the rise. Our mission with Cranimals is to deliver therapeutic levels of key nutrients needed to help prevent these problems.”

As the name suggests, the main ingredient in Cranimals is cranberries, although one product, Very Berry, also uses blueberries and raspberries, two more of the world’s healthiest foods. “While veterinary medicine is an important strategy for treating disease, the sharp rise in antibiotic resistance and adverse reactions to drugs are major problems,” says Wilma. “Nutritional medicine is an effective strategy to help eliminate these problems. Our products are formulated using emerging and proven nutritional research.”

All the ingredients in Cranimals are certified organic and sustainably grown. “We are very committed to sustainability, from supporting organic farmers, to off-setting some of the greenhouse gases from our shipping operations through carbon credits. We also keep paper waste and airline travel to a minimum by using innovative online training and presentation tools for our distributors and retailers. We make weekly donations to a variety of non-profits, most of them focused on animal rescue. We also sponsor dog sport events, such as flyball tournaments.”

Cranimals products are distributed throughout North America, and Wilma excitedly adds that the company is in the process of expanding its market to Asia and Europe as well. “We love to help create health and wellness,” she says. “There is nothing more satisfying than getting an email from someone telling us that after months of unsuccessful drug therapy they tried a Cranimals product, and their cat or dog is finally recovered.”