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If you’ve noticed your dog or cat sometimes seems to take on your health issues, you’re not the only one. “When my health was bad, especially my hips and legs, what was fascinating was how my standard poodle Jody developed the same problems as myself,” says Sara Brown. “I knew on some level that our animals make us feel better but it was not until then that I realized the extent to which our animals are our personal healers. In my case, Jody took on my hip and leg troubles to save and help me as much as possible.”

A dog groomer for 27 years, and an intuitive energy healer since 2000, Sara had always wanted to do something more to help her furry clients. “I have had a love affair with animals for as long as I can remember.” Her experiences with her own health and with Jody seemed to be a catalyst. “I got into the field of crystals and their healing energy through my own healing journey,” she says. “I would say it was a natural step to bring this wonderful energy to the animals I so love.”

Sara formed her own company, Hope Brown, which specializes in healing crystal pendants for people and clip-on collar crystals for dogs and cats. When worn, the crystals transmit balancing, healing energy into the body. “I work with three kinds of crystal: rose quartz (emotional body), clear quartz (mind/mental body) and amethyst (physical body). By working with these bodies we can bring back balance, and when we have balance we have good health and are happy.” Sara tried her first crystal clip-ons with Jody. “I watched over the next few weeks as she got better and better. The happy jumping clown had returned! I too felt better. This showed me exactly how the clip-ons worked.”

Sara explains that animals are our healers, and their systems can sometimes get overwhelmed when they take on our problems and stresses. For example, skin problems can be an animal’s way of trying to release the energies of worry and stress absorbed from his human companion. “As another example, a client’s wee dog stopped being happy when going out, became fearful of many things and seemed to have lost her spark. After using a clip-on, she very quickly returned to her old self. About a month later, her person popped in and told us she was also getting out more, had a social life, and was enjoying life again. The crystals help the animals so the animals can help us without getting overloaded.”

Though based in Fife, Scotland, Sara ships her products across the U.K. and North America as well as to Europe and Australia. She called the company Hope Brown because her middle name is Hope. “And it’s also my ‘hope’ that animals and people will always have a healthy, joyful and harmonious life together.”

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