Cure Canine Skin Problems

Dog licking his skin.

The bark from this Central American tree contains active ingredients to alleviate a range of canine skin problems.

The Mayans are best known for their superior knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, and their so-called “doomsday calendar”. But they also offer something that can enhance our skin health, and that of our dogs. It’s a traditional remedy that comes from the tepezcohuite tree (pronounced “tep-ezco- heety” and also known as the “skin tree”), which grows in Central America. The Mayans used tepezcohuite for centuries to help heal lesions and even slow the aging process.

The bark of this tree has been found to contain unique healing and regenerative properties. Recent research has shown that the natural chemicals in the bark actually repair and protect skin cells and can therefore help heal many skin problems in both humans and animals. The studies also revealed that tepezcohuite has analgesic and anti-bacterial properties, and that it can regenerate hair follicles and stimulate collagen production.

Dog lover and businessman Michael Gore learned about this effective skin treatment several years ago, when a product containing tepezcohuite cured his eczema. He was so impressed, he bought a company called K9 KlearUp, which focuses on a tepezcohuite skin product for dogs, and founded Mayan Pet Products in 2011. “K9 KlearUp was created to help dogs with rashes, hot spots and other related issues,” says Michael. “It was copied from a very effective human product but has twice the tepezcohuite.” The all-natural ointment also contains shea butter and aloe vera and can help with a variety of additional skin problems such as fl ea and insect bites, dry skin and coat, split pads and burns. Tepezcohuite is also a source of flavonoids, which help protect skin from the aging process, as well as tannins and minerals including zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium. “The product targets dogs specifically, but a product for cats is in the development stage,” says Michael.

Knowing how effective tepezcohuite is, Michael’s mission is to spread the word to as many dog guardians as possible, and not just for personal profit. “My long term goals are to increase awareness and sales so we can provide financial support and product, gratis, to non-profit agencies such as animal shelters and rescue organizations.” The company has already begun doing this with several animal rescue projects, but Michael wants to help even more dogs. “We’re also educating people about the harmful ingredients in many pet foods that cause the majority of skin issues our product is being used to treat. I enjoy being able to provide something that assists animals in distress, and hearing the wonderful success stories.”

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