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Bayer Animal Health

Our mission: to protect animals while benefiting mankind.

In this capacity, Bayer Animal Health is amongst the leaders worldwide. Bayer has attained this leadership position by continuously researching and developing products for animal health and pest control since 1919. A responsible relationship between humans, companion animals, and livestock requires ensuring the health of animals.

Dogs, cats, and horses are human companions. The role they play as they accompany us through life is growing in significance. Keeping this close relationship healthy is not just an obligation to our animal companions; it also protects humans from the transmission of disease pathogens. To this end, Bayer is constantly developing new, better products and improved forms of administration. Bayer Animal Health is not only for companion animals, though. Bayer protects millions of food animals as well by offering effective, safe animal health care products.

Effective health care requires a healthy environment for both man and animal. Maintaining a healthy environment prevents diseases that can be transmitted to animals by way of pests such as insects or rodents. This is another area in which Bayer excels – for instance, by delivering products that control mosquitoes and pests that contaminate or destroy foods.

This Primary Supplier has been personally interviewed by NASC to ensure they understand membership requirements, as well as the quality standards they must uphold. They have also passed a rigorous independent audit of their facilities, earning them permission to display the Quality Seal, which demonstrates to consumers their commitment to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

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