What is molecular iodine, and why are so many veterinarians recommending it for their canine and feline patients?

Whether in real life or on your favorite medical drama, you’ve probably seen iodine. This amber-colored liquid has been used for decades in hospitals, veterinary clinics and households to reverse and prevent infection. What you may not know is that this popular antiseptic contains a substance called “molecular iodine” that, while present in only trace amounts, works to combat microorganisms that can harm your animal companion.


Unlike its cousin povidone iodine, the amber-colored version used to clean surgical sites, molecular iodine (I2) is truly a “super iodine”. This non-staining, antimicrobial agent has powerful, broad-spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. I2 is so safe for animals and humans that it is considered an essential nutrient, required for the prevention of iodine-deficiency diseases, such as hypothyroidism.

Recently, I2 solutions have been developed that are effective, safe to use, and do not permit the development of bacterial resistance. ioRinse, a patented I2 oral rinse, was university-tested for its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2. Compared to other rinses recommended by the American Dental Association, it was the only rinse found to be fully effective. Subsequent studies have shown it to be the only COVID rinse proven to be effective in the presence of saliva.

Because I2 is so rapidly effective against periodontal pathogens, its use has become commonplace in dental offices throughout the US. It is used in-office as a pre-procedural rinse and for subgingival irrigation. Thousands of dental offices sell or recommend ioRinse RTU to their patients for daily, at-home rinsing to help control periodontal disease. These offices are seeing far better periodontal treatment outcomes since their patients have been using I2 rinses, irrigants, and gels.


Two recent clinical studies of dogs provided dramatic support for using a nutritional quantity of I2 as a daily pet drinking water additive to control dental plaque. Controlling dental plaque is the key factor in preventing and treating periodontal disease and associated tooth loss. It is especially important because by age two, 80% of dogs and cats have developed periodontal disease. The studies showed an average reduction in dental plaque of 44% compared to the placebo-treated group over one month. Added to water, I2 is 177% more effective than brushing every two days, and 444 % more effective than brushing weekly. Using I2 daily was even more effective than veterinarian- supervised brushing every single day!

ioVet-ORAL is an innovative, patented, I2 pet drinking water additive now available for dogs and cats! This additive provides pets with healthier mouths and fresher breath. Your pet doesn’t have to suffer from gum disease and tooth loss.

Visit Iotech International to learn more about this and other innovative I2 products, and to conveniently order. You’ll be providing your animal with the same innovative technology that thousands of dentists rely on to control periodontal disease.


Herb Moskowitz, DDS, has over 25 years of clinical dental practice experience. He is a serial
entrepreneur, having founded several public and private medical technology companies and developed a variety of medical products. He currently serves as Chairman of ioTech International.