Dog Survives Two Years Stranded in the Everglades


By Anna Bailey



I wanted to share Mr. Biggs Bailey story of overcoming hardship. The Everglades have become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and cats in south Florida. Rather than surrender these beautiful creatures to a shelter, owners leave them to fend for themselves against the harsh Florida elements (weather, alligators, snakes, lack of food).

Mr. Biggs was dumped over two years ago and managed to survive. When he was finally rescued he was missing hair on his neck from being shot multiples times with BB guns by individuals trying to keep him away from one of the homeless camps in the Everglades. He was also found with spray paint on his face and was terrified of humans.

7 months after his rescue from this hell, he has made a full recovery. He is a gentle giant and loved by everyone that meets him. He sleeps in the bed with his mommy and loves cuddling on the soft pillows around him. He can be seen all over Ft. Lauderdale at various events and even won $200.00 worth of doggy treats for stealing the show at a Halloween costume contest. He was the star of his obedience training class and is now a proud graduate. He is an amazing example of the resilience of the animal spirit and how love truly can conquer all pain.

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