Michael Orlando is the former lead singer of Vampires Everywhere!, and of the current popular band, The Killing Lights. While Michael may seem rough and tough on the outside, he has a heart unlike any other, especially when chatting to us about his former pet dog, Diesel Eat World.

In an exclusive to Animal Wellness, Michael tells us, “Before my near fatal car accident I had a dog named Diesel Eat World. He was a blue pitbull terrier. He was my entire world. He was the kindest most amazing dog anyone could ever have. However, Diesel was judged nonstop about being himself and most places we went to banned him from entering. There are so many pitbull terriers in shelters being put down because of who they are! It is completely unfair and horrible. We must overlook their tough exteriors and view them for what’s inside.. a very large & loving heart.”

Dogs, just like humans, cannot be judged by their kind, and instead, need to be given love and attention, just like us all. Bullying happens everywhere, and we need to stand up for it!

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