Doug the Pug is a comical little guy with “personality plus” bringing love and laughter to people around the globe.

For someone to brighten your day, look no further than Doug the Pug. He’s an irresistible little pug whose larger-than-life personality and penchant for making people laugh has won the hearts of thousands. You just can’t look at him without smiling, especially when he’s wearing one of his zany costumes, so it’s no surprise he’s become so popular!

“I’d wanted a pug since I was 16, but it didn’t make sense for me to actually get one until I had the right place and schedule for a puppy,” says Doug’s doting person, Leslie Mosier. She finally adopted her dream dog during her junior year of college, after she found a dog-friendly apartment, and fell head over heels in love with him right from the start. “He was an adorable and crazy puppy,” she says. “He followed me like my own shadow right from the day I brought him home.”

doug the pug king of popcultureNow two years old, Doug the Pug has lost none of his puppy appeal. Part of this can be attributed to his healthy lifestyle. “I switched Doug to a raw diet with Sojos several months ago and he’s made an incredible amount of progress with it,” Leslie says. “He’s like a new dog – his coat is shinier, his breath smells better, and even his snoring has almost completely subsided. I also feed him a teaspoon of coconut oil with his dinner.”

Because happiness goes hand in hand with healthiness, Doug has an irrepressible love and zest for life. “He has a huge personality, and never fails to make people smile or laugh,” Leslie says proudly. “I love how he can go up to strangers and completely make their day, regardless of their age, color, social standing or disabilities – his love knows no bounds. We even made a video where we attached notes of encouragement to Doug and had him go up to strangers. One of the locations we shot at was a homeless shelter. Doug was so sweet to each individual. It was very inspiring!”

Leslie adds that Doug has always been very photogenic. “A lot of my friends pushed me to get an Instagram account for him when he was a puppy, but I stuck to simply posting funny photos of him on my personal account,” she says. “My account began to grow as a result of Doug’s photos, and I quickly realized that people wanted to see more of him. As soon as I started a dedicated Instagram account for him it grew like wildfire. Doug now has over 1,000,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.” He even stars in his own videos and has his own YouTube channel. “I think people are so attracted to him because they feel like they can relate to him. His personality shines through his photos and captions. My main goal with Doug is to make people smile.”

One of the ways in which Leslie does this is to dress her pug up in a variety of fun costumes. “A lot of the costumes came from online, but many were put together out of random things of my own,” she explains. “For example, his dinosaur costume for the Jurassic Park video we made came from a company, but his Harry Potter costume was put together from funny glasses, a dog tuxedo, and a scarf. I’m very lucky that Doug loves wearing clothes (even though he tends to look grumpy) and I have a ton of fun dressing him up – especially when we’re in public and I get a lot of people pointing and laughing!”

Doug’s moments in the limelight don’t stop with his costumes – there have been times he’s attracted as much attention and evoked as much emotion as human celebrities. “He was a special guest at a Meghan Trainor concert, and upon leaving the show we saw about 50 of Meghan’s fans waiting outside her tour bus,” Leslie recalls. “As soon as Doug and I walked past them, we found out that some of his own biggest fans happened to be there too – a girl even cried! It made me realize that the numbers I see on social media actually do equate to real people.”

Given how young both Doug the Pug and Leslie are, they surely have a long and auspicious future ahead of them, and it’s clear they’re both looking forward to seeing where it takes them next. “Doug the Pug is one of the happiest and funniest little guys I’ve ever met,” Leslie enthuses. “I hope that as his reach grows, we can spread that happiness to as many people as we possibly can! I’m very lucky to be on this journey with my little best friend.”

Visit Doug the Pugs website here.