This new docuseries follows animal lover and drone pilot, Doug Thron, as he rescues animals from natural disasters around the world. 

This new docuseries follows animal lover and drone pilot, Doug Thron, as he rescues animals from natural disasters around the world. 

Nothing is easy in the aftermath of a natural disaster. There’s often no power, no cell phones, and few public services. People are displaced, often separated from their loved ones with no easy way to make contact. When resources are scarce and too many people are in need, what happens to the animals, both domestic and wild, that are left behind or stranded?

That’s where Doug Thron comes in. He’s an infrared drone and seaplane pilot/cinematographer who is focused on saving animals and the planet. In 2018, after using his drones to film the devastation caused by the horrific Camp Fire in northern California, Doug joined the efforts to rescue lost animals from the burn zone and reunite them with their families. Driven by a commitment to the environment and his lifelong love of animals, he now travels the globe to natural disaster sites, where he uses his talents and technology to help rescue animals. He relies only on the supplies he can carry, including next-gen drone technology outfitted specifically for his mission.

“There always seems to be a natural disaster ravaging some part of the world,” Doug says. “The potential for drones to help rescue animals in those situations, whether wild or domestic, and to help in their recovery, is unlimited.” Doug has been on the scene of numerous natural disasters, from last year’s devastating wildfires in Australia, to coastal towns flattened by hurricanes in the US.

Thanks to a new six-part docuseries, aptly titled Doug to the Rescue, you can now follow along with him every step of the way, from often-dangerous searches and dramatic rescues, to successful reunions with grateful animal parents. The series highlights how technology such as drones can save lives, and how climate change is contributing to the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

“The emotion when victims of a tragedy get their animals back is incredibly moving,” Doug says. “It gives people a sense of hope to carry on after something so devastating. I’m enormously grateful to be a part of that.”

Doug to the Rescue will be premiering in June on CuriosityStream. For a sneak peak, visit


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