Dr. Sergio Alvarez speaks out against canine plastic surgery


Dressing up your dog is one thing, but surgically altering your dog’s appearance for non-medical reasons is cruel and unnecessary. Procedures range from ear-cropping to tummy tucks, just so that owners can have dogs with “the right look.” Thankfully, several plastic surgeons are speaking out against this practice.

One such surgeon is Dr. Sergio Alvarez (alvarezplasticsurgery.com), one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons, and although he isn’t a veterinarian, his views and support of the canine wellness world show through in his every day life.

Dr. Alvarez is the owner of Mila, an American Pitbull Terrier named after actress Mila Kunis that he rescued from a shelter in Houston Texas when she was only 8-weeks-old. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Alvarez reveals, “Pets bring a sense of joy and happiness to your life no matter how long and stressful of a day you have they are always excited to see you! She is always there after a tough day, after a hard surgical case, after a break up… no matter what, she is there!”

It’s true! A recent North American study shows that 56% of active doctors who own pets are more likely to practice full-time longer than those who live alone or without one (cat/dog). Additionally, the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine concluded that humans in general suffer less stress and have fewer anxious outbursts and aggressive behavior if they are the owners of pets.

“Mila has taught me a lot about myself. When I chose to adopt her, I made a promise that I would raise her to fit my lifestyle of focus and passion. I spent a countless amount of time and money to get her trained and ready to live a life of passion! All I can say is that she has lived up to every expectation of mine and then some. I have traveled with her from California to Florida and she is a head turner, not only because she is a beautiful dog, but her soft yet confident demeanor is unmistakable.”

At his practice in Miami, Florida, Dr. Alvarez’s main focus is Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tucks and Face Lifts for humans, and he had some bold thoughts for us on the new Hollywood trend of owners getting their dogs facelifts and even canine breast reductions, “Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure done by consenting adults. I doubt dogs have issues with how they look! I would love to send the parents to a good friend of mine who is a psychiatrist. That being said, although I’m not a veterinarian, I would love to participate in any form of reconstruction for injured animals.”

And speaking on giving back, Dr. Alvarez tells us that his dog Mila, who shows complete loyalty to him, inspired him to help more with the Warrior Dog Foundation, which was started by ex-Navy SEAL Mike Ritland. “I’m a huge believer in giving back, and this is a great cause that is easily overlooked, and that is the care of the Warrior K-9s that have given their lives and limbs for our military brothers.”

We here at AW applaud Dr. Alvarez’s efforts and invite other people of all professions to give back however they can!

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