Dressing Your Pet For A Wedding


Is your dog always by your side not matter what the occasion? Well, if you have a wedding in the near future, why not bring your pooch along?

Dogs are a man’s best friend and a woman’s snuggle buddy. These days pets have become more than just a “pet” but more of an additional family member and at times even more “human-like” than some individuals we know. People dress their pets up in everything (jerseys, hats, life vests, etc.) and take them everywhere: to lunch, the store, work, the mall, on a plane, etc. But what about those that want to involve their pet in their upcoming nuptials? Well, there may just be a bright future for those wedding couture pet owners!
With the latest pet trend of dressing up your furry friend, we spoke with Rani Totman, the founder and head designer at the world famous St. Pucchi Bridal (stpucchi.com)- whose bridal gowns have been featured on celebrities such as Emmy Rossum, Tara Reid, Alison Krauss and Adrienne Maloof- about her thoughts on weddings and pets.
“Dogs, like humans, have such a personality! As such, it is my belief that their attire as a member of the bridal party should not be taken lightly! Certainly you do not want to dress them up to be cartoonish and a laughing stock.”
And although Rani and St. Pucchi haven’t released a couture animal collection yet, she tells us that, “For my part I would design a collection of comfortably lined wide wraps and sashes, crystallized and embroidered to coordinate with some elements of the bride’s attire. Perhaps a floral dog collar with a beautiful leash to complete the look.”
Wherever the future is leading, it looks like pets, especially dogs, may just be more stylish than you and I when it comes to being seen at a wedding … Competition for the “best man” is on!
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