Easy and effective dental solutions for dogs

Dental solutions and sprays are an easy and effective way to fight plaque and tartar on your dog or cat’s teeth.

Animal lovers are usually on top of things when it comes to taking care of their companions. Most stay up to date with vet visits and have standing appointments at the groomers. But in the case of dental health, it’s sometimes easy to fall short. Luckily, there are many products on the market now that make dental care simple and convenient. They include specially formulated non-toxic solutions and sprays that require no effort beyond adding them to your companion’s water or spraying them in his mouth.

Just add water

Animal care companies have been hard at work formulating no-brush products for dental care that are easy for people to use at home on their own. Triple Pet Plaque Off is one such product uniquely formulated for companion animals. All you do is add a capful to drinking water to help eliminate plaque, tartar buildup and odor-causing compounds in his digestive system. “It works by breaking up food films in the mouth and leading to the reduction and removal of plaque and tartar,” says Roger Bayer, Vice President of Benedent Corporation. “It can take up to four to six weeks to notice a change so you have to be quite vigilant about administering it. The easiest way is to put six capfuls in a full one-gallon water jug. Use this mixture to fill your animal’s water bowl, and shake the mix before pouring.” The product contains yucca and mint oils.

It has a different formula, but Biotene’s Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive is another dental product that you add to water. “Brushing an animal’s teeth is a good habit, but many studies indicate that people are not able to or don’t want to brush their dog’s teeth,” says Pamela Bosco, President of Pet King Brands. “A brushless oral care system is the best option to overcome this compliance hurdle. Our patented Mutanase and Dextranase enzyme system removes plaque biofilm before it turns to calculus on the teeth. They work together to inhibit and reduce plaque formation.”

Enzymes are also key ingredients of the Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque Zapper from Ark Naturals. “Saliva is one of the main culprits that cause plaque and dental bacteria,” says company President Susan Weiss. “This product contains naturally occurring enzymes that change the pH of the animal’s saliva.” For therapeutic use, you add it to your animal’s water twice daily for four to six weeks, then just once a day three times a week to control plaque, tartar and the bacteria causing bad breath. Like most similar products, this one is completely odorless and tasteless.

A spray is all you need

“People have experienced tragic results from having to put their beloved companions under anesthesia for periodontal cleanings, including broken jaws, organ damage due to lack of oxygen during anesthesia, and even death,” says Walter Duberry, Sales Manager for LebaLab Inc. “The need for an alternative to periodontal cleanings was evident.” Leba III is an herbal product for animals that is sprayed directly on the tongue. “It activates the saliva which makes its way through the mouth, coating the teeth,” explains Walter. “The tartar then softens and loosens from the teeth.” The product is made from mint and rose stabilized in ethyl alcohol and distilled water.

Periodontal disease can be a big problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to clean and visually examine your companion’s teeth regularly, feed him a wholesome quality diet, and visit your veterinarian for a dental checkup at least once a year. You are the link between your animal and his good oral health!


Heidi Hoff is a freelance writer specializing in health and animal wellness. Her dog, Dexter, gives her endless topics to write about. Heidi lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband Bryan and two daughters, Emily and Erin.