Educating Chinese locals to end dog meat trade
The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation’s educators will encourage schoolchildren to interact with the shelter dogs and show them how meaningful a loving bond can be between people and their pets. Photo courtesy of The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.

The Chinese cat and dog meat trade is responsible for the inhumane slaughter of thousands of animals for human consumption each year. Education might be only way to save these innocent animals.

As part of their initiative to educate locals and promote compassion toward animals, The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation recently announced the opening of its education center in Changsha, China. The center is connected to the foundation’s existing rescue, through which more than 200 dogs have been saved from slaughterhouses.

“We can continue to rescue animals forever, but what’s necessary is education,” says Barbara Gitlitz, the head of the foundation’s board. “Once we open people’s hearts and minds and get them to see how valuable dogs can be as companions, then the rescue missions become unnecessary. That has always been our goal.”