How A Magnet Could Save Your Pet

How a magnet could potentially save your dog or cat’s life in an emergency by notifying first responders that there is a pet in the house.

When Anna Borenstein came home to find a “Save My Pet” magnet on her front door featuring Carly, her 10 year old border collie/lab mix, she was thrilled. “Every time I left Carly in the house by herself, I worried that no one would realize she was trapped if there was a fire. Seeing “Save My Dog Carlmagnety” and her picture on the magnet gave me peace of mind that someone would look out for her if something terrible happened while I was out.”

The customized “Save My Pet” magnet was a present from neighbour Kevin Burns. He felt that providing first responders with an image of Carly would give them an advantage in an emergency situation. Not only would they know that a beloved pet was trapped in the house, they would know what she looked like and be able to call her by name. “Even if visibility inside the house was poor” Burns reasoned, “rescuers could reassure Carly by calling her by name.”


Soon, neighbours and friends who saw Carly’s magnet were asking for magnets for their own pets, and was born. The customized “Save My Pet” magnets are created using names and pictures that pet owners upload to the site, and sell for $7.99. Magnets are weather resistant and UV proof and will last for years.

Custom Pet Stuff has also been flooded with requests for “Save My Pet” products that are suitable for windows and non-metal doors, and will soon be making removable vinyl versions available.

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