Enzymes-Rich Animal Supplements

The importance of enzymes to overall health and well being forms the foundation for this company’s nutritional supplements.

If you know anything about natural health for dogs and cats, you know enzymes are an important contribution to digestive wellness. But these nutrients do more than support a healthy GI system. “Our main line of products provides ‘live food’ enzymes to the body,” says Jae Kennedy of Nzymes.com (BioPet Inc.), a company that specializes in natural nutritional supplements for animals. “These enzymes are critical in the fight against free radical damage and in maintaining healthy cellular functioning. The reason this is so important in supplementation is because our animals (and ourselves) eat so much processed and cooked food. When any food is heated to a certain degree, it is stripped of enzymes. Without an adequate supply of enzymes, the body lacks the necessary resources to keep pace with its daily demands for restoration and repair.”

The Nzyme line was the first one produced by the company’s founders, brothers Thomas and Stan Stansbury, and Thomas’s wife, Sasha. “They began doing business in Southern California in 1999,” says Jae. “They had seven years of previous management experience in the health food industry with specialized knowledge in human antioxidant protection, and saw the need for the same type of nutritional antioxidant support for animals of all ages. At first, the focus was on the development of a chewable treat version from their formula.” The treat was a big success, so the Stansburys began research on additional natural products for dogs and cats.

“The main goal at startup was to fill the need of thousands of people seeking natural nutritional alternatives for many of today’s primary health problems in animals,” says Jae. “We have found no better way to support these goals than to manufacture and supply unique and powerful natural formulas.”

Today, Nzyme.com sells seven different nutritional products, including their Antioxidant Treats, as well as Black-Leaf Tincture, an herbal formulation to support immunity and cardiovascular health; Ox-E-Drops, an oral and topical solution that helps remove free radicals and increase the efficiency of certain enzymes; and Bac-Pak Plus, a blend of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes for optimal digestive health. “We have also created special kits with directions on usage for specific ailments.”

The company puts a strong emphasis on customer service and education, and also lends a helping hand to rescues. “We offer special discounted rates for rescues that use our products,” says Jae. “We also donate money each year to the ASPCA. And last year, we partnered with Pets For Patriots, which raises money for homeless animals and needy veterans.

“The most rewarding part of working for Nzymes.com is hearing the amazing success stories from our customers,” Jae adds. “We are reminded each day of how blessed we are to be able to help so many animals recover from their ailments. This is why we do what we do.”

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