Exercise & Aggression. Ask a Trainer! #8


Does your dog’s behaviors leave you scratching your head? Feeling like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? Why not ask an expert? Animal Wellness Magazine has teamed up with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to bring you a Q&A that’s all about training! Just leave us a comment on Facebook. The APDT will address several questions every week! Answers posted on Thursdays.

Q. My small mixed rescue has suddenly growled at me when he thought I was going to make him get out of the chair. What can I do to keep him from ending up in the animal shelter? Because if he doesn’t pay all the bills he is NOT going to be the boss at my house!

A. Aggression is not something to ever address on your own. Please contact an experienced professional who has successful resolved dog-dog aggression issues. Check out our trainer search for professionals in your area: http://www.apdt.com/petowners/ts/default.aspx You might also look here: http://iaabc.org/consultants Be sure to ask to speak to past clients they have worked with.

Q. I have Beagle/Hound mix I can’t get to calm down. He is high-strung 24/7 and he doesn’t learn or complete anything!

A. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Whether it is physical or mental, it sounds like your hound needs some outlets. If he likes other dogs, try a quality doggie daycare (check out: http://www.trainyourdogmonth.com/events/webinars/100134/ to help you choose a good one). Better yet, enroll your dog in a sport. This will tire his mind and his body, and also teach you how to communicate with each other. For ideas, check out: http://www.trainyourdogmonth.com/events/webinars/100135/ I think nosework would be your dog’s first choice!



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