Foam Beds For Arthritic Dogs

Debbie Holte hated watching her elderly cat Rossignal struggle with arthritis. “I could see his pain and it was breaking my heart,” she says. “I wanted to do everything possible to help take away the pain while giving him a comfortable life.” One answer was to provide Rossignal with a bed that would take the pressure off his aching joints.

Memory foam was the solution, Debbie decided. “Once I discovered this is the only material known to man that completely eliminates all pressure points, I had to learn more. Hospitals and burn units have used it for years for people because our pressure points become bed sores. It made sense that this miraculous material would do the same for our animals.”

Debbie couldn’t find any animal beds on the market made from memory foam, so decided to develop one herself. “I always wanted to do something worthwhile for animals. Developing an effective memory foam pet bed would be beneficial for animals of all ages.” So Debbie quit her job as a money manager and Buddy Beds was born.

The company offers two sizes of memory foam pet beds in several colors. “We use five-pound memory foam – the highest quality available,” says Debbie. “It’s also certified non-toxic. Some memory foam is blown with freon, which is a chemical. Ours is blown with water. We also permanently glue our memory foam to a layer of supporting foam.”

The beds are fitted with breathable waterproof liners that protect the foam from stains and odors. “It also keeps the memory foam anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.” The beds feature washable outer covers made from durable quality fabrics, and bed warmers are available for extra comfort.

Buddy Beds is also committed to being as informational as possible on a range of topics, and includes a Learning Center on the company website that touches on everything from traveling with your animal to senior animal issues, safety, recipes, instructional videos and more. “I also personally serve on the Board of Directors of the Denver Humane Society,” adds Debbie. “We support the amazing work this shelter does in our community – serving over 25,000 animals last year.”

Rossignal lived to the ripe old age of 21, passing away just last year. “The last six years of his life on one of our beds made such a difference in his arthritis and ability to move about with less pain,” says Debbie.

“I have the best job in the whole world!” she continues. “I spend my days working with people who love their animals – and people who love their animals are very special people. A day does not go by that we do not receive an email or phone call telling us what a difference our beds have made for their beloved animals. That makes our hearts sing!”

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