Four Pillars of Animal Wellness: March Ambassadors

At Animal Wellness Magazine, we believe the foundation of optimal wellness and happiness is built upon FOUR PILLARS — Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training, and Active Lifestyle. Each of these Pillars plays a supporting role in providing your animal companion with the longest, best quality of life possible.

And who better to showcase the Four Pillars than our readers’ pets? Every month we’ll be featuring ambassadors for each of the Four Pillars categories. If you’d like to submit your dog or cat as an ambassador, click here: FourPillarsAmbassadors

Without further ado, meet our Four Pillars of Animal Wellness Ambassadors for March:

Chester, the Natural Health Ambassador


Chester is the most vocal and comical dog you will ever meet. He loves to be the center of attention and takes a well-rounded approach to life. Chester loves hiking, sniffing, howling, car rides, and most of all, FOOD. Chester loves learning new things. His favorite past times include scavenging through pockets for treats and sleeping on the couch. He enjoys playing treat games and competing in agility (he will make sure you never miss him!). He eats Canine Caviar which is a kibble very close to feeding raw, and he gets all-natural treats. He is 11 years old and going strong.

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Sidney, the Natural Nutrition Ambassador


This Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Dachshund mix went over the Rainbow Bridge recently but lived a full life of 18 years. Sidney’s long lifespan was no doubt due to her natural nutrition regime (and a whole lot of love). For the majority of Sid’s life, her fur-mom cooked for her. She would rotate between beef, chicken, turkey, duck, venison, lamb and sometimes rabbit. She also fed her a raw diet for a while but Sidney tired of that because as she got older, she wanted specialty meals… pigs in the blanket, pot roast, chicken pot pie, round steak, filet mignon, Asian dishes… you name it. As long as she wasn’t being fed leftovers, she was happy. All of the good nutrition gave Sidney ample energy. She could retrieve a tennis ball for at least 5 hours or more and loved to swim and run around. May she rest in peace.

Mickie, the Positive Training Ambassador


Mickie is trained using only positive reinforcement and clicker training. This Shetland Sheepdog knows just over 60 different behaviors and competes in agility. Mickie and his fur-mom are also hoping to compete in disc and do freestyle dance. He’s quite the active ambassador; Mickie also goes to work with his fur-mom to help teach people about positive reinforcement. He even preformed on the CTV’s Christmas Children’s Telethon with the Paws Up Crew. As a nice reward, Mickie gets homemade treats for all of his good behavior.

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Shimmer, the Active Lifestyle Ambassador


Shimmer is one active dog! Holistic care keeps this mixed-breed pooch in top form. She loves to exercise and trains in agility and rally, and even does nose work, which is an activity that combines training and fun with mental and physical stimulation. The goal of nose work is for the dog to locate a hidden target scent, and alert her handler to its exact location. Shimmer is trained using positive training methods and loves to do tricks. She is a rescue dog that was pulled from a kill facility but is now living a full and active lifestyle!

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